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For Sale: 17x7.5 Kopi Alpina reps

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    For Sale: 17x7.5 Kopi Alpina reps

    I posted this in the For Sale forum, but i figured the thread would be seen by more local people here. Up for sale are my Hyperblack Look's. They are in very good condition with zero or extremely minor curbing. They are 4x100 with et 35... so they will bolt right up to your iX. I used 15 mm H&R spacers to rum them on my 325, and they are available too. I also preferred to run with them without center caps, and then I proceeded to lose them in my move.

    They have tires mounted, but they are junk so you'll need to put your own tires on them. I'd like to sell them quickly, so I have priced them accordingly. I will post pictures tonight when I get home from work.

    I'm looking to get $650 for the wheels/spacers or $600 without the spacers (OBO).

    Let me know if you are interested.

    PHOTO EDIT: I get home from work fairly late, especially lately so it is dark by the time I arrive. The wheels are dirty, and I just gave them a quick rinse. If they are still around this weekend, I can clean them up and get some pictures in the daylight. But I have been forthcoming in pointing out the few flaws that are there, so don't worry about that.

    All four.

    Top left:

    Top Right: You can see a scratch near the top of the photo.

    Bottom Left:

    Bottom Right:

    There are a couple of very small little nicks, but they are so small that I couldn't get them to photograph.
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    PM sent Sir.
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      Pictures added and all PM's replied to. I guess I should point out that I don't really want to ship these, so I would greatly prefer a local buyer.



        Still have them?
        Or are they tentatively sold?


          I'll post and say that they're sold when they are.

          So yeah, they're available.


            Those would look sweet on the touring Christian.

            OP, GLWS

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              I'm working on it man
              Follow my IG @bouchezphotography