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Import Alliance Fall Meet - LP Field, Nashville TN Nov. 13th!

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    Import Alliance Fall Meet - LP Field, Nashville TN Nov. 13th!

    Lets just get some things out of the way..

    Isn't this some gay Honda meet?
    No, it's an import meet, although some domestics end up showing up anyway. Honestly I welcome anybody to come to it, but some people get snobby. Regardless, euros are an import, and I'd love to get some more euro attendance!

    There's just going to be a bunch of shitty ricey cars.
    Man, it's a car meet. Anybody is welcome, no matter what you drive. Some people have shitty taste / are kids, what of it? You get a mix of everything, and some REALLY FUCKING AWESOME shit usually shows up. I'd rather have the atmosphere of a meet where anyone can get in if they pay their tenbux than the snobbery of a car "show". Fuck that noise.

    That said
    , the fall IA meet is happening on Sunday, November 13th at the motherfuckin' Titan's Stadium! Bring some goddamn e30s so I'm not the only one out there. Our shop will have a booth and stuff, I'll probably have my hookah there, we might grill something. Feel free to drop by and chill! The fall meets are typically smaller than the summer meet which is HUGE, but there should still be a pretty big turnout. Get there early if you want good parking!

    If this is babby's first IA meet, here was the Baltimore fall meet earlier this year.

    Lots of hellaflush I don't personally care for, but still lots of nice cars.

    Also I got swamped with schoolwork and missed out on the Brodeo, but I'll be there for the next one! (Hopefully with an M6X!)


      This weekend, come on out guys


        I saw ~6 e30s roll by, anyone from here?


          Sorry man, first I heard of this. You gotta come hang with us on the weekends when you get a chance. We might have a small garage to ourselves soon and very close to campus.