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1989 325i sedan for sale. The Woodlands, TX

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    1989 325i sedan for sale. The Woodlands, TX

    Hey everyone. Looking to sell my e30 locally first before putting it on craigslist and the forum. Located in The Woodlands, TX just north of Houston.

    1989 325i Brilliantrot Sedan Auto
    155k~ miles
    Clean Blue title in hand. No accidents major or minor.

    I don't need to sell it, however just trying to make some room . If it doesn't sell in any decent time I will restore it and keep it, or list it for a higher price in the for sale section.

    I haven't driven it in a little over a year, however I start it up every few months to keep everything moving. It was running and driving fine before I parked it.

    The BAD:
    1) Head gasket needs to be replaced. Coolant is coming out of the exhaust. I think it just finally bit the dust from being parked and drying out.
    2) The shocks are blown from an idiot tow truck driver strapping it down too much.
    3) Tires will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. They are old.
    4) AC needs to be recharged, however it was ice cold before I parked it.
    5) There is a fair list of small maintenance items to do as well, however if it wasn't for the head gasket, I would be comfortable to drive it wherever. This list was compiled as if every item were done, the car would be perfect, not as if every item needs to be done to be able to drive it.

    The GOOD:
    1) Mint Interior 9/10
    2) Very good Exterior 7/10, would be higher but the black bumper trim piece on front passenger corner has a scuff. The exterior shows very very well when it is waxed and buffed. See the gallery.
    3) Motor was very strong when I parked it.
    4) The car is completely stock, and completely unmolested which is getting really rare for an e30.

    The maintenance list was compiled by Bavarian Machine works in the heights area. They nit pick every little detail and put it on the list, they even listed a rattling speaker. So while the list is 2 pages long or so, most of the items would never be caught by your average joe. Its little things like missing wire covers, bolts, and old gasket etc. They printed a parts list with parts number for everything, which makes it easy to complete each job.

    ITEMS Included:
    1) The major components for a 5 speed swap: Driveshaft, 5 speed tranny, cross-brace, resurfaced flywheel, and shifter carriage.
    2) 4 shocks with 2k~ miles on them. They are bilstein B4, same comfort level as stock.
    3) I have a brand new rewrapped and thickened MTECH1 steering wheel and brand new rewrapped nardi shadowline I will include if you buy the car for the right price.
    4) there are some other things here and there im sure I can dig up too.

    Below is the album of the car when I bought it in 2015, I put about 5k miles on it since I bought it, it is in the exact same condition, minus the wax job.
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