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Bechtel Bavarian Christmas Blowout Sale & Chill!

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    Bechtel Bavarian Christmas Blowout Sale & Chill!

    Hey guys!

    Bechtel Bavarian (an enthusiast-owned BMW shop) is having a Christmas Blowout Sale - ALL PARTS $100 OR LESS! Clearing out the whole inventory! FREE hot cider and donuts! Come hang out, snag some cheap parts, and talk BMW with us.

    1. All parts $100 or less! If you spend at least $200 you get an additional 20% off the total.
    2. Everyone gets a 20% off labor coupon for your next service just for showing up!*
    3. There will be hot cider, coffee, and fresh donuts! Come hang out, talk BMW with fellow bimmer-heads, and grab some parts!

    We have mostly E30, E32, E34, E36, E46, and some Z3 parts. Pics HERE.

    Pricing examples:
    • $100: Engine blocks, heads, transmissions, diffs
    • $50: Body panels**, carpet, headliner, head/tail lights, clusters, ECUs/DMEs, steering racks, regulators, motors, starters, A/C compressors, D/S
    • $25: Glass, interior panels, stereos, other modules, throttle bodies, medium engine parts, springs, shocks, brake calipers
    • $10: Trim pieces, other lights, speakers, small engine parts
      FREE - $5: Screws, brackets, random stuff
    • I have some parts inventoried but it is not exhaustive, check it out HERE

    WHEN: Fri 12/21 and Sat 12/22 from 10:00AM to 05:00PM

    WHERE: 1130 Orthodox St., Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Other Info:
    - Event will be first-come first-serve. We will take people in groups of 5 or less to check out the inventory while everyone else hangs out in the waiting area with the drinks and donuts.
    - For bigger parts still on the parts cars (like a complete M50+trans from an E34) we can either let you pull it, or we will take a deposit and pull it for you for pickup at a later date.
    - Parking is limited, we will make as much room as we can in the lot and on the street but you might have to find parking nearby if we get lots of people at the same time.
    - * Coupon valid for maintenance and tune-up work like oil, brakes, coolant flush, spark plugs, etc, not for major projects.
    - ** Sale excludes Z3 body panels, those will be priced normally. Before you ask: we don't have any hoods, but we do have fenders, doors, trunks, tops.

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    damn ill try to make it out. ive grabbed some parts from you guys before and the deals wernt bad to begin with.


      Yes come make it out here! It'll be great!

      WEATHER UPDATE: The good - it's going to be in the 50s and 60s so fairly nice. The bad - it's going to rain on Friday. Dress accordingly!