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To start off the updates lets bring up some drama shall we? So Racewerks did the engine swap on my car. They've always done great work and I've always loved dealing with them. When I first started talking to them about doing the engine swap I inquired about them keeping the old M20 in exchange for a slight discount on all the work done. They told me that they had no use for it and would just throw it in the trash. So then I started talking to the guy actually doing the work on my car and told him he could take it. In exchange he said he'd throw in a little few extras like the M3 shifter and installing my front sway bar. I thought all was well when I was browsing craigslist when I saw a similar M20 for sale on there for $350 that was listed as "Was running when pulled".... Okay that might be true, but it wasn't running well. I called the mechanic I gave the engine too and he told me that Racewerks wouldn't let him take the engine and accused him of trying to screw them over. So basically I paid them X amount of dollars to do the swap and when I tried to help a fellow e30 enthusiast by giving him my old engine for his stroker project they felt that it wasn't fair because since I didn't want the engine they should be able to sell it for even more money... Needles to say I won't be going back, but besides the whole engine thing anyway I wasn't going back anyways because 1) its about a 45 minute drive there, 2) My car sat for at least 2-3 weeks because their customers with race cars came first, and 3) The main reason I went there was for the guy who quit, but luckily for me he's opening his own shop and told me he would hook me up with any jobs I needed. I'm hoping to meet up with him later this week to get my GC's welded up along with some other things. I'm not going to bad mouth Racewerks because if I was in my mid 30's had some money, and had a e36 or e46 race car then I'd probably continue going there, but if I went to the other local (Only 10 minutes away) BMW shop in the area I'm sure I would have gotten the same quality of work done, in a much quicker time, for probably a little less, and I could have actually of had say to what happens to my engine after it was pulled out of my car.

Well enough of that, on to the e30!!!

I started off by ordering the window crank delete plugs for my door cards. I didn't even notice the were missing until I installed them.

Then I did some more small things like clean/RainX the windows and install new wiper blades. I also installed new trunk and hood gaskets along with a new hood strut. My favorite thing that I've done to the car is replace the stupid gas cap. The one that came on the car looked like it belonged on a lawn mower. The gasket was so hard a brittle that pieces literally were crumbling off of it.

Now for my favorite touches! I did the Z3 antenna swap like I did on my ix, except this time I used soap to get the plug in there and it only took 5 minutes as opposed to half an hour. Next up was to finally get some new front and rear roundels on her. The front actually had two on there. The PO cut the little nipples off and just glued it onto the existing roundel. I also found out that the hood has been repainted sometime in its life. The roof has also been repainted, but at a different time.

I really started to like the way the car was coming together so I went a head and threw my euro plate filler and euro gills on there. Along with some clear turn signals.

To close off this update will be my new exhaust! I picked it up from paynemw and its beyond mint! I'm hoping I can find someone to let me use their driveway sometime this week so I can get this thing installed and inspected.

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