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Selling a set of wheels/tires in CT...

15x7 et37 OZ Ultraleggera in gunmetal gray wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact Sport 205-50-15. Wheels are 7/10 condition with minor curbing on one or two and tires are only 3 months old with barely 1k miles on them. I actually have 5 since I ran over a nail with one but wasn't required to turn it in when it was replaced under warranty so I had it patched and it's included unmounted.

These wheels weigh 11 lbs each and come with 12mm trac-lite hubcentric spacers for a final et of 25, oem fitment. I also have hub rings for them for e30 and another set for Mini fitment, if you wish. Conti ECS were released a couple years ago and are the go-to tire for the wet. Perfect for New England where the weather changes every 20 mins..

Looking for 750. You'll want a wheel stud kit or longer bolts as they won't fit with factory length bolts.

Help me fund the Falken 200tw tires I want to put on bottle caps to be true OEM plus!


it's a Kenny Powers quote on wheels
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