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Originally Posted by decay View Post
if i lived elsewhere in the country, i'd consider running. people using the veteran card as a path to office certainly isn't new, but we'd be talking about starting at the city council level. i don't think it makes me electable in san francisco, and it would cost probably somewhere in the six figures to try.

honest answer to a respectful question. i don't *want* to be combative with y'all.
A partial answer, and I think you missed the premise I was working with as well. I don't actually believe you or any but a potentially very select few Antifa members actually want to become politicians. Young people are passionate, but they're rarely dedicated and calculated with their actions, they're reactive and not proactive. You're not creating a country you want, you're responding to something you dislike.

So I say again, for every redneck antifa punches in the face on camera at one of these events, you embolden untold numbers of right leaning people to harbor animosity for you, your cause, and anything you might wish to achieve. No one is achieving anything, everyone simply goes home home with bruises and scar tissue which hardens their shells. The opposition is no longer the person they disagree with, they're the enemy.

How do you rationalize the behaviors of Antifa when nothing is gained by their behaviors?
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