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Pinch weld repair

I couldn't really find a clear answer anywhere here or even on google regarding E30s and pinch weld repair. I've seen this issue on almost every e30 I've looked at. Either completely crushed in or badly chipped off pinch welds from jacking the car. Any idea on cost of repair of these things from anyone with experience? Thanks!
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Id say every single steel bodied car between ~1950 and now has sills like this, and any car owned by an "enthusiast" with a hydraulic jack will have crushed sills, its certainly nothing special about e30s.

You could bend it all back using whatever bending means necessary, then get behind it with a nice lump of wood and belt it from the front to flatten it out, quick coat of paint using some color matched paint which can be had fairly cheaply.

DIY? a mornings work and a can of color matched paint to get a reasonably good job.

Professional job....well could cost 300 bucks maybe? dunno complete guess based on a guesstimate on time and materials.

I wouldn't worry about it too much though, like you say, they all have it. Certainly not a deal breaker on a car purchase in my opinion.
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