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Need bodywork advice - E28 rear body

I just picked up a 535is for a song and a dance, but has a serious onslaught of rust in the rear end. Surprisingly, the rest of the car is nearly rust free.

Current plan is to buy a new rear panel (#13 below, that's a euro panel, may as well go euro if I am doing this) and welding/gluing it in. Problem is, I think the rust extends beyond the area covered by the replacement panel.

I think I am in for some serious surgery, anyone have ideas/pointers/advice? Anything is considered at this point. I have even thought of plain steel plate, and steel pipe for a rear bumper...

Note: I removed this bumper shock with a hand sledge.

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Thinking about this further, I may have needed to slap this thread in the bodywork specific subforum, but since this is E28 related, not sure if it would better benefit from this subforum instead...
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You might as well throw it in the Bodywork subform. I don't know much about bodywork so I can't really help you.


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That's a crazy amount of rust! I'd probably just cut the whole thing out right under the end of the fender flare. There's plenty of E28's in junkyards that will have clean lower quarter panels. What's the bottom of the trunk look like?
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take the carpet out of the trunk,and look at it carefully.

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If the rest of the car is rust free and the rear is that bad, that indicates accident damage and prior repair work that wasn't done very well.

Either way, it's definitely fixable and if you're careful, it could come out nicely.

But yeah, you're going to need to investigate further and really pinpoint how far the rust extends. Donor sheetmetal always makes a job easier.
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you need a complete rear body panel #13 and the trunk floor to section.
quarter panels must be braced together to prevent flexing.
when you do cust it out car needs to be placed on jack stand and not moved.
complete rear body panel needs to be cust out and replaced at the welded points.
before you cut anything make sure you weld a brace from the left to right quarter panel. this will make the job easier to install the new panel.
make sure to wire brush all seam sealer before install new parts and inspect adjecent panels for rust. might as well repair it while your in there
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doing the exact same thing right now on project Ella.

Seems to very common on the e28s. Yours seems to be worst then what we usually see, but take your time, good welding, oe panels you should be good.

More details on the project here.

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I have the same problem on my E28, 32 years of Canadian winters has taken its toll on the poor thing.

I'm going to cut off the whole bottom piece then find a clean one that I can weld back on, that'll be the easiest way to fix it.
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see my thread "I had to buy it" in the 5 series thread, Im doing a rear panel replacement with support pieces as well
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