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It's a new product, it has bugs. He is actively working on eliminating them. It's not the first company and will not be the last to release a product that has an issue. We should be happy that people are still developing products for such an old platform. Support those who support the scene.
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^ I agree
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Originally Posted by slammin.e28
I thought a rim job had more to do with the other...eh....end....

Or have I been licking buttholes for no reason all this time?
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I've had mine for two years now and I haven't had one problem, works great, looks great, and good customer service. I would recommend it to anyone.
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James Crivellone
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I've only had issues with oil pressure on my racecar.. the harsh environment is simply not being too nice to it (been through 1 already)

With that being said, I'm still having an issue with the oil pressure sender, however that is on me for not having the time to diagnose further.. and when I have the support has ben fantastic.

Comparison of my sender with my mechanical gauge.

Now, with all that said.. would I buy one again? Probably.. its a quality unit that looks fantastic.. and on my racecar I love its function.
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Hi James,

Can you post up a picture of the oil pressure sender you have installed?

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almost 2 years with my AFR + Vac/Boost setup and never had issues with it.

here's hooked up to pre (pictue) and post (video) ITB's, hence wacko readings. lol., as accurate as GG's wideband reader.

2 thumbs up to McHammer for this great product.

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wow - that looks awesome.
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I just wanted to chime in by saying that my experience with this gauge and Winston has been nothing short of great.

I bought my unit way back when Guten Parts first released them... yeh that long ago. I finally got around to installing it a few months ago and I've been quite happy with it.

Winston's customer support has been great. I had a small issue getting my unit fully up and running and he helped answer all of my silly questions.

Pic of mine installed:


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^^ That steering wheel is Gangsta!!!
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Any recent reviews on this?
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