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Smile e30 SRS RESET Procedure

This may be helpful to people that have mistakenly set off their SRS warning light on the Overhead Check Panel. This can happen for various reasons from removing the steering wheel to having some of the components unplugged while starting the ignition.

I had a hard time finding this procedure and most threads included the use if the SIR3 or BOA tool which is NLA and I don't have access to.
This method uses no special tools and will reset the SRS computer and get rid of the annoying blinking----->solid SRS light on the Check Panel.
This works only if your SRS system is in working order and just needs a reset. This worked for my 1990 325is which had the SRS go on when I had the Check Panel unplugged and the Ignition in the ON position.

You need to short 2 pins in the 20 pin diag. port in the engine bay. The pins are 19 (Ground) and 6 (SRS RxD). You run long wires from those 2 pins to the cabin. You SHORT the wires and turn the key to ON and hold for 5 seconds, OPEN for 5 secs., SHORT for 5 secs., OPEN for 5 secs. then immediately turn the key OFF. Entire procedure should take 20 secs. and must be ACCURATE. Use your phone to time it!
Remove the wires, close diag. port and start the car. If you've done it correctly and your system is in working order then the SRS light will reset and function normally the next time you start the car instead of Blinking for 3-5 mins. then stay on forever.

This should also work for other early Airbag SRS systems from between 1987-1994, I think that is what is considered "early". For other cars you use pin 19 (ground) and pin 15 (SRS RxD).

Hopefully this can help someone reset that annoying SRS light!
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Wow, just what I needed!
I was working on my central locking and when I had everything installed again my SRS light also came on. I was able to find the correct reset tool in Germany but the seller didn't ship to Belgium. and after some googling I couldn't find out how to reset it otherwise.

Thanks for the explanation!
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Just tried this, it works. I followed your exact instructions, timing it with my phone.
Thank you sir, you saved my a trip to the dealer!
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