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Turn signals occasionally speeding up as if bad bulb - hazard switch going out?

I've started to notice that my turn signal will speed up intermittently and randomly.

It hasn't stuck at the higher frequency yet, but both left and right exhibit the problem. Both when holding the stalk partially (for lane change) and engaging the signal completely I have had it happen.

The frequency sporadically increases as if to indicate a blown bulb (click.. click... clickclickclick... click.. and so forth) but will resume normally for the most part.

Is my hazard switch on its way out or is this a symptom of something elsewhere in the circuit?
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Could try another flasher relay... but typically this is a problem at the bulb sockets themselves. At least in the case of the rear indicator bulbs. Usually a quick bending of the contacts cures the problem.

At the front of the car (especially in early models) the harness that connects to the back of the turn signal housing can degrade over time necessitating either fixing it or cutting a soldering a new harness plug onto it. It's a 3 pin plug and I've found they tend to degrade causing an intermittent hyperflash.

You didn't specify if it is doing on both left and right signalling. If that is the case I would look at the flasher relay or the indicator stalk itself. If it is just on one side of the car then I would try the above suggestions first.
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same concern

such an old forum but just got my e30 and found that the hazards work fine but once I go to use the left or right turn signal its hyperflashing on both sides and no lights on outside. any helps is greatly appreciated. I ordered oem bulbs from work today to see if that would be an issue
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I've found that it's typically corrosion on the housing terminals and/or bulb base. It could be the socket itself or the terminals behind. I've had success resurfacing the bulb base and bulb contacts. An easy way to test is to wiggle the bulb while the turn signal is on. If it goes from fast to normal then you've found your problem.
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I had this issue intermittently with Klaus, and it was caused by a loose wire (the ground, I assume) in the front right turn signal. Re-positioning the wire(s) to that housing seems to have taken care of it for the time being.
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would be in depending on tip slant and tube size
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I wouldn't doubt its a messed up wire po cut up a bunch of wires and on the head light assembly that was previously installed and looks like botched wiring.
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