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My E34 (a photoessay?)

When if first got to Germany in February 2006, I spotted this E34 in the lemon lot with a bunch of crappy other cars. I immediately noticed the M-Technic bumpers and the cool grey color I hadn't seen in the states. Upon closer look I saw the (incorrect) M5 badge, but what really perked my interest was the Motorsport stripped cloth/alcantera seats

A phone call to the number on the piece of paper in the window, and before I had been in country a week, I owned a 1992 3.8L M5!

A couple days after I bought it.

And living about 70km from the nurburgring, I took the M5 to the ring a few days later!

I have a picture of it parked in the grass of the Karassel somewhere, I'll try to find it on an old computer.

I Ran the VIN sometime in the first few months of owning the car, and a nice chap on M5board named Stephan translated it.

VIN long WBSHC91000GD62071 Early car (#72 I would guess)

Type code HC91 (M5 3,8 Limo LHD Euro)

Type M5 (ECE) (ECE = Euro)

Dev. series E34 () (Body code)

Line 5 (5 series)

Body type LIM (Saloon in German)

Steering LL (Left Hand Drive, or Links Lenkung in German)

Door count 4 (four doors)

Engine S38 (Engine code)

Cubical capacity 3.80 (Engine size)

Power 255 (KW)

Transmision HECK (Rear wheel drive)

Gearbox MECH (Manual gearbox)

Colour GRANITSILBER METALLIC (237) (Body color has Diamantschwarz contrast color)

Upholstery ANTHRAZIT STOFF M5 (0475) (Amaretta Antracit interior)

Prod. date 1991-12-12

Order options
No. Description
216 SERVOTRONIC (Easier power steering connected to the Nürburgring chassi unlike other E34 with 216)

339 SATIN CHROME (Shadowline)

354 GREEN STRIPE WINDSCREEN (The top of the windscreen has a green strip)


423 FLOOR MATS, VELOUR (What it says)


661 BMW BAV. CASS. III (Tape stereo)

676 HIFI LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM (HIFI Speakers se inside of the rear view mirrors)

686 DIVERSITY-FUNCTION AERIAL (Rear window antenna)

781 LM Rad 9Jx17 auf Hinterachse (Wider rear wheels with 255/40 tires)

782 NUERBURGRING-FAHRWERKSPAKET (Nürburgring chassi on 5 speed 3,8 with 781 and 216)

Regards Stephan

These summer tires came with the car, and they looked much better than the ugly winter wheels.

I picked up these Zender wheels... Quite heavy yet looked pretty cool after a little paint job. I think Levent has them now.

Trip to Paris:

Unfortunately the EDC was bad and the two front shocks were toast. This caused the M5 to fail the annual inspection. Good news is that KW Variant 2 coil overs cost less than as a set of front shocks.

On the lift.

Down from the lift, now wearing ACS rep wheels

My friend worked in corrosion control, and needed to practice...

First ride height setting was a bit too low, all the stanceworks kiddo's would have approved. They were probably in elementary school in 2006...

I picked up this nifty E36 reiger spoiler that replicated the M3 GT spoiler.

Germany has cool weather.

Unfortunately summer tires in the winter don't mix. I slid into a guardrail at like .5mph
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I spent the summer of 2007 in Qatar. Hot as hell.

Sometime after returning I picked up a sweet set of Brock B1's in low offset 17x8.5 and 17x10. These are the wheels that kittens play in the dish.

Did some body repair on the fender.

Germany is soo beautiful.

At the ring

Bought my first set of brand new wheels. 18x9.5 et22 CSL reps! This was back when CSL reps were brand new on the market.

First fitting the wheels.

In motion... I think the black wheels worked great with the Granitesilber.

Coolest part about being deployed was what was done to the car while I was away. Martin, the owner of MAXX that does all those Alpha-n setups on E30 M3's needed an S38 to prototype a carbon airbox setup. I willingly donated my car, and in result I had Martin install the airbox/alpha-n and tune the car!

The fender damage had always bothered me, and the damage included the nose panel. I didn't have the cash (carbon airbox) to paint the replacement nose panel the correct color, so I decided to use my elementary paint skills. Luckily I can take pictures better than I paint, so these looked pretty cool.

Prepped for surgery.

Nose job completed. Added that reiger lip spoiler for fun... It lasted a week and a half.

Some of you might remember my E30 M3. I guess I have a thing for these splitters.

My current E30 has a bit of that look too...

I also added smoked headlights and OEM HID's from a 750il.

One of my favorite pictures of the car. This bridge was on my route on the "long" way home. Using the autobahn took about 10 minutes, but this route took over 30 winding along a little river. It was a beautiful drive.

This picture was pretty cool too.

My soon to be wife helping me replace the water pump.

This was the last part I purchased for the M5. A Euriboni carbon hood. I wanted this thing badly and it has a bad story behind it, but it was the breaking point for me with the M5. I realized that I had two project cars, the M5 and the E30 and I couldn't split my small income on both of them. One had to go.

Steel hood back on, and my last trip to the ring with the car.

The M5 was good good fun. Like I said above, two projects, one income = nothing completed. So I sold it, and bought an S50B30 for the E30.

That's all.
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cars beep boop
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Originally Posted by kronus View Post

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Originally Posted by kronus View Post
The Shit Boxes
-1984 318i Bahamabeige coupe going M42-
-1990 Bronzit Trailer-
-1984 318i Soon to be Track Car-

-1994 Escort Wagon "Scorty 2"
-2001 Mercury Grand Marquis LS-
-1980 Honda CX500-

A Few Parts Cars Aswell.
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Originally Posted by kronus View Post

Originally Posted by yert315 View Post
Your mother is plug n play
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Originally Posted by kronus View Post
1985 M10b18. 70maybewhpoffury. Over engineered S50b30 murica BBQ swap in progress.

Originally Posted by DEV0 E30 View Post
You'd chugg this butt. I know you would. Ain't gotta' lie to kick it brostantinople.
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I don't think i could've let it go.
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Nice man!

I love that interior !
e30 335i - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q77YBmtd2Rw
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Originally Posted by kronus View Post
Originally Posted by codyep3 View Post
I hope to Christ you have looks going for you, because you sure as fuck don't have any intelligence.
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Wish I could get my granite silver looking like this
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perfect color, carbon airbox, and m-tech plaid interior. Thats such an awesome car.
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Originally Posted by kronus View Post
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