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Idle control valve-M42

so recently I've been having problems with my e30, I'll drive it and it'll randomly shut off while driving, but start right back up. Usually happens when it's not in gear and it's just sitting idling like going down a hill in neutral. I'm currently cleaning my ICV and from what I understand I'm supposed to hear it rattle and no matter how much I clean it, it's not rattling too much. Seems stuck. Any help would be great...

Also would a faulty alternator cause my car to idle rough/die? I mean I just recently replaced it.. seems to be ok because I did some tests on it..
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idk about rattling but when it's plugged in and the car power is turned on it should buzz. at least that was my understanding when trying to figure out if mine was bad or not
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Check alt belt to see if it's tight. Also check ground cable. Idle valve should rattle only when it is off the car., in your hand and you shake it. However it still could be sticking while in operation.
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That could be a bad relay, my 635CSi did that. Try new Motronic and fuel pump relays.
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