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1992 Convertible 78k/hardtop - OBO

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    1992 Convertible 78k/hardtop - OBO

    1992 BMW 325iC
    78,xxx original miles
    3 owner California car (technically two owner, see below)
    clean carfax/autocheck (can be emailed, have printed copy to go with sale as well)
    99% original car
    All original panels/ VIN matching
    Some records of service

    For sale is my late model convertible in rare granitesilver/tan color combination. I purchased this car in October of 2012 traveling from Springfield MO, to Madison WI to pick it up. Purchased from the second owner who worked for a Subaru dealership. I've enjoyed it but Im moving away from the e30 scene and into other pursuits so I've had very little motivation to tinker with this car. I now need to get her sold as I will not be in the country more or less the entirety of this summer so Im trimming down on some possessions.

    Currently the car is unregistered but the title is completely clean and clear and signed over by the PO (whom I am still in contact with) I just have not registered it yet because it has spent the entirety of my ownership in the garage more or less. Below I will detail all the information I have about the car (which is fairly extensive) and hope to settle most questions before they are asked.

    As always, if you have a question feel free to PM me or text/call me at 432-266-eight2eight9.


    -US Ellipsoids w/ DDM 6000k HID kit
    -US Plate filler
    -Removable hardtop included (average condition, headliner sagging slightly. no holes in vinyl or headliner, defrosters in rear work etc. )
    -Soft top is literally in perfect shape. Clearest rear window I've ever seen on a cabrio, suspected replacement top but definitely OEM quality. Currently in the middle of a manual top conversion.
    -Central locking is not working. must manually lock doors.
    -Granitesilber paint in ok shape with no major flaws
    -Up to a dozen small dings or dents in various panels (of which I'd assume all to be good PDR candidates)
    -A few small paint defects include inner fenders having cracked paint from a front fender roll (look good from outside), small bit of paint missing from lower portion of passenger fender, clearcoat boughs in two very small spots and again on the tonneau cover,
    -This is originally a California car which despite having been what looks like dog friendly by the first owner (female), spent about 2 years in WI non-garaged. There is rust in 3 spots of the car. 1- battery acid has created surface rust on the battery tray over the years. 2 drivers side fender has a dime sized bit of bubbling under the paint down on the front lower arch. 3 Trunk decklid has bubbling once again under paint right by the 3rd brake light. Otherwise this car has shown to be VERY solid as I've made my way around it replacing and restoring her and has always been garage kept in my care (maybe seen rain once)
    -Valance slightly bent (parking curb maybe? bent but not leaking oil cooler)

    -Tan Natur leather sport seats. Pretty excellent condition with no holes, some slight cracking, complete function and working heaters (both seats/both settings)
    -crack free dash
    -original airbag wheel in gorgeous shape
    -carpet is in good shape
    -rear headrests not installed but included in sale
    -rear seat upper back has been re-wrapped professionally and looks OEM
    -13 button OBC
    -Original owners materials/windshield cover/hard top cover/tape deck cleaning kit/road hazard kit/16v power adapter for cigarette lighter all included
    -All toolkit and trunk tools/centercap tool and PERFECT steely spare in tact.
    -Trunk carpet in great shape but pulling away slightly in one spot
    -Econometer is intermittent
    -SRS light stays on check panel (relay??) All other check lights work and are off
    -Brake lining light is on dash (did not replace brake pad sensors, I know when my brakes need changing, prefer to remove bulb from dash unit)
    -ABS light also on on dash (relay most likely)

    Engine and Mechanical
    The following parts were added in the last 500 miles by myself
    -Water pump
    -Timing Belt/tensioner (last time completed: 54k/2001 did again for safety)
    -Exhaust manifold gaskets/copper nuts
    -Valve cover gasket
    -Full transmission service (filter, gasket, cleanse, royal purple refill)
    -High output Battery with transferrable 5 year warranty
    -Oil change/filter
    -Air filter
    -Spark plugs
    -AC and heat work perfectly

    **Only issues with this car are minor but need addressing.
    -The power steering res to rack hoses leak and need replacement.
    -There is a coolant leak I suspect from the water pump. I did the job last winter and have maybe put 500miles on the car since and I think it just developed a small leak from sitting.

    Suspension and Steering
    The following parts were added in the last 500 miles by myself
    -e30 M3 springs
    -Control arms
    -tie rods inner/outer
    -endlinks front (new carriers and hardware)
    -endlinks rear
    -All new dampers all 4 corners (KYB Gas adjust)
    -Control arm bushings
    -HD Rear shock mounts (gaskets and hardware)
    -e90 drop hats
    -x4 brake rotors
    -x4 brake pad sets
    -x4 new set screws
    -Ordered new front strut mounts but got wrong ones, went ahead and re-assembled with old ones and they make a bit of noise but function fine

    Wheels and Tires
    -x4 OEM Factory gold Basketweaves with
    - brand new Doral (Sumitomo) all season 195/65/14 tires and porto-wall white walls (removable)
    -x4 Hubcentric 20mm spacers
    -55mm Race stud kit and hardware installed for ease of mounting/dismounting and spacer integration
    -x1 Pristine BMW steelie trunk spare

    Obviously I have put out a lot of information there with all of the good and bad I can think of off of the top of my head but will amend with new or outdated information as the thread is active.

    This is the cleanest of 10 e30's I've owned bar none. It is incredibly sound and just needs some small attention spots. Time I don't have to give to her.


    I will not separate the hardtop from the car*

    No trades*

    BBS RM not available*

    I am ready and willing to assist with the shipping of this automobile if necessary*

    Below you'll see some nice photos from September 2013 when my sister shot the car while on a drive. I will get more detailed shots up en mass of any defect or flaw on the car.

    Enjoy and Thank you.

    These pics are before I redid the exhaust system from cat back and hangers

    THESE ARE THE MOST RECENT PICS OF THE CAR. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SEPTEMBER PICS ABOVE AND THE NEW ONES BELOW ARE THE WHEELS AND TIRES. It has literally sat in the garage since September or so. I just pulled the car out to shoot a couple up to date pics to get this thread moving again.

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    Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS:

    can i buy the hard top??

    E30 M30 B35 Swap Mounts!



      That's a major selling point for the car IMHO. If I was the seller you could, it would be 10K PLUS you get a very sweet 'vert as a bonus!


        Drive it hard. Maintain it well.

        Convertible Technical & Discussion
        A Topless Memorandum


          Good luck with the sale !! Beautiful vert 10k well worth!!
          Buy e30 cup holders

          Buy BMW Motosports handles

          Buy BMW MOTORSPORT valve covers




            BMWCCA #398608
            IG @yagayo38

            "The Best E30's were built with two camshafts four cylinders and sixteen valves!".


              Beautiful vert GLWS


                Highly detailed pics of that perfect soft top and any issue with the car's exterior.

                Thanks for viewing.

                By driver's side rear fender (this is my pinkie btw)

                Rear deck lid

                This image details how the trunk carpet around the power top motors has pulled away a bit and needs new grommets and the carpeted inner deck lid.

                Tons of factory accessories. Tape cleaner, owners manual, hard top tool, auxiliary accessories etc.

                Hard top cover and windshield sun protector

                All tools intact including the BBS centercap removal tool.


                Seats front and rear and the wear on them closeup.

                Hard to see how truly clean and straight this car is but the pictures do ok. If anyone would like more detailed pics please just ask.

                Ill get the car up on a rack in the next couple of days and get a good clean shot of how the underside of the car looks from a better angle than the exhaust pic.

                As always, price is OBO and I won't be separating the accessories on the car until further notice. Rest assured if maintained like I have, I don't ever forsee this car losing value.

                Thank you.
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                Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS:


                  Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS:


                    Wow. That color combo really works...for some reason I was expecting not to like it. What a cool vert! GLWS


                      Originally posted by ethurtee View Post
                      Wow. That color combo really works...for some reason I was expecting not to like it. What a cool vert! GLWS
                      Thank you.

                      Price is OBO and I'm available to discuss the car anytime via PM or phone call/text.
                      Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS:


                        Very reasonable reserve on this listing.
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                        Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS:


                          Originally posted by ethurtee View Post
                          Wow. That color combo really works...for some reason I was expecting not to like it. What a cool vert! GLWS
                          I just happened to have put gold BBS on my granitesilber sedan and I'm loving it here too.


                            Lets sell this thing.
                            Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS:


                              Little vid I took with the GoPro. First 6 minutes or so is just driving home but I did a walkaround after I park. Wind noise is terrible so you cant really hear how the motor sounds super well but it is obvious that the car has a smooth, nice ride from the video.


                              underbody pics.

                              Crappy shot, but the important stuff is there.

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                              Late model granitesilber 325i convertible FS: