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1989 325is black grip monster

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    1989 325is black grip monster


    Hello R3v it is with mixed feelings I post this thread. I have an 1989 325is coupe that I have rebuilt pretty much from top to bottom and upgraded along the way. There is well OVER 15K invested in this car in just parts, not including labor etc etc. Well lets get right to the point here is the list:

    Engine & drive train:

    M20 Rebuilt from oil pan to valve cover (about 15k on rebuild), this means:
    -brand new pan with oil baffle installed
    -Micro polished and balanced crank
    -New main bearings
    -new rod bearings
    -block line bored, honed, and deck checked
    -new piston rings
    -head decked and pressure checked
    -valve job
    -new valve guides
    -new water pump
    -all new seals (head gasket, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, etc etc all of it, yes really all of it)
    -Gates racing timing belt
    -RC engineering rebuilt injectors
    -new distributor, coil, plug wires, and plugs
    -new alternator
    -Powder coated parts throughout (engine mount arms, pulleys, valve cover, intake manifold, coolant cross over pipe etc, anything that needed re coating, block high temp painted)
    -Euro 635csi engine mounts (upgrade from stock without being stupid loud)
    -320i auto transmission mounts (again an upgrade from stock)
    - Mishimoto radiator, new hoses
    -new fan, fan clutch
    -rebuilt afm
    -new throttle cable
    -rebuilt AC compressor (the ac is r134a retrofitted, resealed, and yes it works)
    -Stromung Exhaust (absolutely love this exhaust)
    -50 state legal new Cat, thats right she passes smog on her own merit
    -Probably some other stuff I am forgetting

    -new throw out bearing fork and pivot
    -new slave, new master, uuc stainless line
    -m3 clutch, stock flywheel (I have RHD lightweight flywheel in my garage waiting)
    -new guibo
    -rebuild driveshaft
    -Z3 short shifter, upgraded bushings
    -Rebuilt 3 clutch 3.73 lsd (i love this diff it makes the car rotate so much better under throttle with the upgraded lsd)
    -delrin diff bushing

    **transmission leaks, needs to be resealed, I usually just top it off, I also have a spare transmission that can be worked into the deal**

    and were just getting warmed up....

    Suspension and chassis:

    -fully reinforced and powder coated front sub frame, including control arm mounts (courtesy of Garagistic)
    -HIK fabrication skid plate (simply the best, and strongest, you can lift the car from it if necessary)
    -Fully reinforced adjustable powder coated rear sub frame with Posi lock adjusters, again courtesy of Garagistic (thats right boys and girls adjustable camber and toe in the rear)
    -Raised AKG subframe bushings, with drop stud mounts for the diff to keep it all aligned properly
    -Ireland poly rear trailing arm bushings
    -Dtm style reinforced trailing arms, powder coated
    -Full ground control coil overs
    -properly cut and re-threaded strut housings for shorter bilstein IX shocks, M3 swaybar link tabs welded on, also powder coated
    -Re-Valved/Rebuilt Bilstein IX front struts, Bilstein Sport rears (these were sent directly to Bilstein for rebuild and were valved to the spring rates currently on the car)
    -Garagistic M3 swaybar links
    -ground control camber plates
    -ground control raised rear top hats (keeps rear springs captive)
    -sparco strut tower bar
    -new front control arms
    -Garagistic Delrin control arm bushings

    And now what somewhat sets this car apart
    -Full 5 lug and big brake conversion done with all NEW parts
    -E46 M3 Front calipers (profesionally rebuilt)
    -E46 M3 Front Rotors
    -E36 M3 front hub and bearing (installed brand new)
    -E39 540i Rear aluminum caliper (professionally rebuilt)
    -E46 325i rear rotor (this allows for the bigger brake and RETAINS the stock e30 emergency brake)
    -Rebuilt E30 Ebrake with all new parts (pads, springs, adjusters, cables etc)
    -Motorsport hardware 90mm bullet stud conversion (motorsport hardware lug nuts too)
    -All stainless brake lines
    -Castrol SRF racing brake fluid
    -Enkei NT03+M wheels 17x8
    -Currently on a set of Bridgestone Pole Position S04 tires

    This car turns and stops like bejesus and is really easy on pads as well, the best stopping e30 I have ever driven. There may be a few other small suspension mods I am forgetting but that's most of it.


    Honestly not perfect, but I bought the car with many of the imperfections it has and paint was never the first priority for the car, with a respray and a little work this car could be gorgeous. The car has been keyed on the driver side and previous owner tried to touch up paint it, not very well. Front fenders were previously rolled and cracked the paint a bit. Rear passenger wheel arch has a small scrape. someone backed into me at a parking lot put a bit of a dent in the hood and broke a high beam (i have a replacement hood and headlight I will supply with the car) and well its 27 year old original paint. Below is a list of things that I have replaced/upgraded on the outside:

    -Abrahams Euro grills
    -shadowline Kidney
    -Euro smiley headlights with DDM HID kit (one extra driver headlight assembly comes with the car)
    -Working oem glass fogs
    -Flat across front lip (the idea was eventually to do a under tray/splitter)
    -Smoked side markers front and rear
    -OEM smoked front blinkers
    -New rear bumper trim pieces


    -Crack free dash
    -Recaro SR3 Challenge seats ( i may keep these, it will take some convincing to make me part with them, they are exceedingly rare and comfy lol)
    -Massive Recaro seat adapters
    -Turner racing pedal set
    -Grey carpet conversion
    -Black door cards
    -headrest and ski pass rear bench seat in black leather
    -black painted rear deck and speaker pods
    -Rebuilt cluster with working odo gears (temp and gas work too, mpg gauge a little wonky but that never bothered me)
    -working 13 button obc with led conversion
    -MOMO tuner wheel
    -MOMO hub
    -NRG slim quick release
    -LED converted interior lights
    -Dual light trunk, also LED converted
    -Macht Schnell Delrin shift knob
    -Black leather boot and ebrake boot
    -Volt meter above the stereo
    -black suede headliner (not installed but will provide with sale for the right price)
    -E36 Vert antenna base (cable needs repair)
    -Aluminum stubby antenna

    AND NOW for my FAVORITE part of the interior the stereo...

    -Pioneer DEH-X9600BHS head unit (bluetooth, CD, HD radio, USB, all the bells and whistles including variable display colors, i like to match the amber)
    -MB Quart oa1100.5 Five channel amp (this amp powers every speaker in the car)
    -Luke box 10" sub enclosure from German Audio Specialties (amp is mounted to the back)
    -JL 10w3 Sub (hits hard and very clean)
    -All 4 speakers replaced with e39 540i front passenger speakers, crystal clear quality with good mid range, forum reccommended.
    -4x Dayton tweeters, very crisp but not overly bright, awesome performance
    -4X German Audio Specialties Crossovers (filters the signal fed to the tweeters and mids so they only receive their appropriate range, really adds clarity to the system)

    I will say that after dialing in the amp, this is the best sounding system I have ever had, in any car that I have owned, including the bose system in my NSX.

    That is about all I can think of at the moment, but there may be a thing or two I forgot. This car has been very good to me, and I am sure it will treat another enthusiast very well. It is hard to let her go but I think it is time to move to something newer and more professional for my job.

    asking 10k obo (please keep in mind there is well over 15K in parts alone)

    I am open to any and all reasonable offers, and would even possibly be interested in a well sorted e36 M3

    A couple of quick interior pics she needs a vaccum lol

    Last edited by ApexGoblin; 06-20-2016, 07:04 PM.

    apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!

    Reseal the trans..and glws

    Sent from my Note5


      Very well sorted and deserves AT THE LEAST asking price. GLWS


        Originally posted by pvrse View Post
        Very well sorted and deserves AT THE LEAST asking price. GLWS
        Thank you!

        apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!


          Damn, would be so interested but dont think i could do $10K.. especially since i'd be hit hard on the exchange rate (~$13K CAD)

          Nice car man, gl


            Originally posted by Waffle cone View Post
            Damn, would be so interested but dont think i could do $10K.. especially since i'd be hit hard on the exchange rate (~$13K CAD)

            Nice car man, gl
            thanks for the kind words, I ship a lot to canada for work and I know what you mean with the exchange rate! if you change your mind let me know :up:

            apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!


              Any interior pics?


                Originally posted by edf8fde View Post
                Any interior pics?
                I will snap a few here after work and upload them :up:

                apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!


                  GLWS Sir. Seems to be a well sorted e30. Asking price seems right on.
                  1982 528e - Sold
                  1987 325e - Totalled
                  1990 325is - Sold
                  1997 540i6 - Sold
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                    Originally posted by edf8fde View Post
                    Any interior pics?
                    Snapped a few on the way out the door. post updated

                    apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!


                      Do you track it specifically?


                        Originally posted by edf8fde View Post
                        Do you track it specifically?
                        I have taken it to a few tracks locally, but I daily drive the car mostly. It has only been on/seen 3 track events. Its an absolute joy to drive around town or otherwise.

                        apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!


                          BUMP I am somewhat motivated to sell this, I am looking at another car on saturday.

                          apexgoblin - versteht nicht jeder. Ist auch besser so!


                            Very nice!
                            My 325iX DIY Threads:

                            Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

                            325iX Rear Subframe Bushings and MUCH more w/pics!

                            325iX Steering Rack Replacement, Suspension, & Oil Pan job w/pics!


                              Throw some pics of the trunk and dash. Plus, what would you do if you took out the Recaros?