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1989 M3 w/ S54B32 ZF 5-Speed Swap

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    1989 M3 w/ S54B32 ZF 5-Speed Swap

    5/23 Update: SOLD!

    Year: 1989
    Make: BMW
    Model: M3
    Color: Zinnober-rot (Ext) / Black (Int)
    Engine: S54B32 w/ ZF 5-Speed Transmission
    Chassis Mileage: 2XX,000 miles (Pending, need to verify)
    Title: Clean
    VIN: WBSAK0308KAE33164

    I purchased the car in 2017 with one thing in mind, to drive it! All the purists will hate me for this, but I was never impressed with the S14, and the only go-to engine for this platform was the S54B32 out of an E46 M3. Having a full time job and a father of a toddler, it took me a little over a year to complete the project. The car is a purpose built car, and I had no intention of making this into a garage queen. This car brings me so much joy every time I drive it, whether it be on the canyons or running errands. Honks and thumbs up are a normal occurrence. This car needs to be driven to be appreciated. I have too many projects and the lack of garage space is forcing me to sell this gem. I'm in no hurry to sell. Just hoping to find a good home.

    Please see details below. Pretty much all the parts that went into the build were purchased brand new.

    - S54B32 (101K Miles)
    - New spark plugs (x6)
    - New coils (x6)
    - Replaced TPS Sensor underneath intake manifold
    - Cleaned ICV
    - Dr. VANOS assembly
    - Rod bearings replaced w/ new hardware
    - Ebay MAF housing
    - New MAF sensor
    - BimmerWorld silicone air intake elbow
    - AEM dry cone air filter
    - Camshaft position sensor o-rings x 2
    - Speed sensor o-ring
    - New alternator
    - New starter
    - Dip stick washer and o-ring
    - VAC Motorsport oil pump upgrade kit
    - Oil pump pickup tube gasket
    - Oil pump pickup tube fillister head and washer
    - Oil pan gasket
    - Arc Asylum modified front subframe
    - Arc Asylum custom oil pan
    - E28 green motor mounts

    - Z3M Radiator
    - New Radiator Hose (assortment from different BMW models/years)
    - New Thermostat (80C)
    - Water pump gasket
    - Water pump o-rings x2
    - SPAL electric pusher fan (spliced to high-speed fan)
    - Massive electric fan brackets
    - VAC Motorsports Coolant Temp Pipe (to DME)
    - E30 coolant temp sensor (to gauge)
    - S54 coolant tempt sensor (to DME)
    - Modified E46 M3 coolant expansion tank hose
    - E30 M3 coolant reservoir tank
    - Heater core pipe o-ring
    - Heater core bypass
    - Oil cooler
    - E30 M3 oil cooler with lines and AN fittings
    - BimmerWorld oil distribution sending block
    - Oil temp sensor
    - Circuit breaker from JEGS installed between the fan and relay to avoid short

    - Walbro 255lph in-line fuel pump with fittings
    - E30 M3 OEM fuel filter
    - E46 M3 FPR
    - FPR barbed fitting
    - 15A fuel pump relay
    - Assortment of AN fittings, fuel hose and clamps

    - ZF 5 speed transmission (Z3M)
    - Detent repair kit
    - Revshift transmission mounts
    - Shifter and Linkage (assortment)
    - Clutch release fork lever
    - Clutch fork pivot pin
    - Spring clip
    - UUC 8.5lbs. Lightweight Flywheel w/ Organic Clutch Disc
    - Guibo
    - Center Support Bearing
    - E30 M3 driveshaft (rebalanced)
    - Rear driveshaft self-locking hex nut
    - S2.93 differential
    - Differential gasket
    - Speedometer sensor

    - Z3 (E36 non-M) steering rack (2.7 turns)
    - Chase Bays power steering lines
    - Chase Bays power steering fluid reservoir
    - OEM tie rods w/ new hardware
    - OEM steering rack boot w/ new hardware

    - Koni Struts
    - H&R Race Springs
    - E90 Top Hats
    - Spring Pads removed (to make car slightly lower w/ out cutting springs)
    - Rogue Engineering RSM
    - AKG RTAB (Poly 75D)
    - ADG Differential Bushings (Poly 75D)
    - Bimmerworld FCAB
    - E36 front control arms (new)

    - ’77 Porsche 924 brake booster
    - 25mm master cylinder
    - BMW 2002 brake fluid reservoir
    - Stoptech Rotors
    - SS brakelines
    - PFC Z-rated pads
    - OEM parking brake shoe

    - E46 M3 OEM Sec 1
    - Vibrant Y-pipe
    - Vibrant resonator
    - 3 inch back to Borla muffler
    - Ebay headers
    - Pre-cat O2 sensors
    - EGT sensor

    - Z3M S54 harness
    - Swap PnP harness by Andrew
    - DME tuned by Markert Motorwerks
    - EWS delete
    - SAP disable
    - Rear O2 Sensor disable
    - Speed Limiter removal
    - Fuel pump relay
    - Various other relays

    - BBS RS 212/197
    o RS212 17x8.5 ET13
    o RS197 17x9.5 ET13

    Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec 215/40R-17 (Front) - almost brand new
    Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec 235/40R-17 (Rear) - almost brand new

    - Front Seats and Rear Bench: Black with custom alcantera inserts/red stitching
    - ZHP 5-Speed Shift Knob
    - Alcantera Shift Boot and E-Brake Boot
    - Momo Steering Wheel
    - Center console replaced
    - Refurbished factory radio with code

    Issues and Concerns / Things that bother me:
    - Rock chips on front bumper, hood, fender and doors *5/11/20: Photos enclosed
    - Dashboard started developing a crack on the passenger side (2 visible cracks) *5/11/20: Photos enclosed
    - No A/C
    - Noise started developing from the transmission tunnel. Have yet to diagnose the problem, but it may be due to exhaust vibration.
    - No catalytic converter
    - Front tires rub at full lock
    - Overall, the exhaust has a nice tone, but it has rasp under heavy acceleration.
    - ECU and wires currently stored in the glovebox, so glovebox is essentially useless al the moment. Bracket can be made to hide the ECU and wires above the glovebox. *5/11/20: Mounted DME and wire tucked above glove box

    I'm located in Salt Lake City, UT

    Asking $41K as is. Please no lowball offers.

    Open to shipping. Buyer responsible for coordinating transportation and all costs associated with shipping

    Open to 3rd Party inspections

    For inquiries, please PM me and I will provide you my direct contact information. For additional photos of the build progress, please visit my Instagram @ biiemu3.

    Front bumper tabs are missing in the photos, but they're now installed.

    Rock chips - Front driver side fender and hood. Close up of the chips on the fender also included.

    Rick chips - Passenger side rear quarter panel

    Slight imperfection on the gurney flap. Not visible when trunk is closed.

    Front seat missing seat reclining lever tab.

    Surface rust on passenger side seat rail. Rust stops at the rail, no rust on the floor pan.

    Dashboard crack - passenger side

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      Wow. What a car.
      📸 @joyfilledpursuit
      📖 John 3:16-18


        How much are body parts \going for right now? I could do without some things if I had this, great car dude!!!!!!
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          I need this in my life...
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          Originally posted by IronJoe
          Alpha Team: running through e30s, gringo icebergs, and 19 yr olds.

          Originally posted by 2mAn
          Brads a standup guy even though he likes buttsex


            Anything less than $41k is a lowball based on the pics, the engine and the current M3 market...
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              Originally posted by spiDmang View Post
              I need this in my life...
              Go get it, dude!
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              📖 John 3:16-18


                OP, I sent you a PM with my contact information.


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                    Free bump ..... A lot to like here GLWS

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                      I've probably looked at these photos a few times a week since it was posted. What a cool car.


                        Thanks for all the positive comments. I still can't believe I'm doing this, but it's time for something new. I've been getting a lot of interest, so I wanted to update everybody on the current situation of the car. A deposit was received a day after listing the car for sale. I took the car in for a PPI last weekend, and the results came out great, as expected. The potential buyer is scheduled to fly in this weekend to check out the car. If the deal falls through, then I plan to reach out to those who have reached out to me (r3v, s14, IG), in order of when I received the first message. Thanks, again!


                          5/23 Update: Car is sold. Thank you all for your interest!


                            actually teared up reading this post


                              That's a $50k car any day of the week even with the cracked dash. Congrats to whoever bought it, what a deal.