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1988 325ix Partout and liquidating my other e30 stock

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  • valepiy1

    從我的iPhone使用Tapatalk 發送

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  • sampayne
    What size fittings on the prop valve?

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  • ///M42 sport
    rear shelf if it had premium speakers and late model tail light?

    okay to message me 614208 four 7 23

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  • badwella
    Update 8.7.2017

    So, I promised my wife I would liquidate many of my e30 stock since it was taking up precious space in my garage. Finally got around to doing it so these are the parts I need to get rid of.

    Everything is OBO unless stated as firm.

    Brand new sport seat release cables PN 52101916613 (4 total) - $15 shipped

    Stock 14 lb/hr M20 injectors from 1989 325is - worked when pulled - Free + shipping ($6.80 for USPS flat rate box in CONUS)

    Used spark plug wires - great shape except for wire for cylinder 3 which has a broken boot (which is why I replaced the set). Good for someone looking to replace one of their bad wires. - $18 shipped

    Brand new spark plug wire holder/ignition wire tube PN 12121719889 - $20 shipped (this usually costs ~$35 without shipping from vendors)

    Replica e28 rear spoiler - made of some sort of plastic - Looks great but will only fit an e28 since it doesn't flex. Painted with bumper paint (previous owner) and has a crack right above the roundel cutout - $50 shipped OBO

    E28 OEM sunroof wind deflector with brand new mounting hardware - $30 + shipping

    Universal remote washer fluid reservoir and pump ($18 on Amazon) - $5 + shipping (really light so shouldn't cost much)

    E32 Brake booster (with spacer) and original master cylinder. Will include new reservoir grommets and original reservoir, new vacuum hose grommet and original L connector. Great shape, but decided to go back to stock on my car. - $100 shipped OBO

    Brake proportioning valve - $20 shipped

    M20 late model vacuum connector - $10 shipped

    Here it is on my car during my build (before removal)

    Remote oil filter setup - includes block connector and two remote oil filter mounts, and hose with barbed fittings, etc. - $40

    M20 oil cooler block unit - $20 shipped

    Oil cooler - 6/10 condition - $20+ shipping

    Only have one of the hoses so PM me if you want that one

    (see previous pic) 1989 325is factory front sway bar with slighly used end links and new rubber bushings - $60 + shipping

    BMW 2002 reservoir (brand new) - will include OEM BMW 45 degree connectors and those hoses connected as shown - $20 shipped

    RARE - E32 V8 remote original reservoir with level sender and factory master cylinder connectors with the original vacuum formed lines (cut by parts puller). THESE ELBOWS CANNOT BE PURCHASED NEW FROM BMW

    Perfect for you engine swap guys with limited clearance. - $45 shipped FIRM

    Trunk light with switch - Add a second light to your trunk! Can separate switch (perfect condition) from bulb holder and pigtail - $10 shipped together

    (shown in last pic) Steering rack tie rod securing plates (pair) - $3 shipped
    PN 32111124540

    SPAL electric fan hangers - brand new but missing one end from each (uwed for my own car - $7 shipped

    Hazard flasher - (4 total, 2 with pigtails) - $10 shipped ea
    Defrost switch (1) - $10 shipped

    Random connectors - PM me

    Similar part numbers

    White Connector 61-13-1-378-417
    Grey Connector 61-13-1-378-418
    Yellow Connector 61-13-1-378-419

    E30 washer reservoir with working pump and new cap (the black cap since the oem one is NLA) - $20 + shipping

    Hidden antenna kit (planned to shave my antenna) - $8 shipped

    Wire loom holder - mounted to blower fan cover- $7 shipped

    E36 switches - free
    e36 rear switch bezels (needed to to convert your e30 window switches to e36) - $2 shipped each (3 total)

    Working ignition switch - pn 61321374967 - $20 shipped

    1989 325is front calipers with hangers - were removed and sand blasted (mostly)- worked fine when removed but I converted to BBK - $30 shipped

    Will require rebuilding

    173 ECU - NO CHIP - everything except the chip which you can source yourself pretty easily - $40 shipped

    Extended lug bolts (8 total) for use with 15mm spacers - $20 shipped - barely used

    US Check panel - $15 shipped

    Wiring harness C101 connector holder - brand new - pn 12521710729 - $7 shipped ($9 from ECStuning)
    Adapter bracket PN 61131377270 - $?? free with the holder

    (3 total) Trailing arm boot kits - offer me

    C191 connector pins for parts - ask
    MAF connector adapter - rectangular to round connector - i.e. m20 AFM to e36 MAF - $8 shipped

    Wiring harness hold downs (under carpet) - $0.50 each

    Coolant/Oil Drain Plug - P/N 07119919225 (3 total) - used to block off throttle body heater lines from block - $2 each

    M30 Airbox with good AFM boot - $30 shipped

    Door Sill Strip - Right - Coupe - PN 51471906724 - Brand new in packaging (costs $30 from FCPEuro and $47 from ECStuning) - $20 shipped

    Late model front bumper adjustment brackets (on fenders) - PN 51111953097 & 51111953098 - $8 shipped for pair

    Late model expansion tank with fender connector piece (usually lost) and relatively new (working) level sensor - $20 shipped

    1990 525i E24 intake air cleaner box (similar to E30 but AFM isn't angled) - $20 + shipping

    Stock e30 spring hats - sandblasted to raw aluminum - $20 shipped for pair
    I can powdercoat these if you like - PM me

    Bosch Aux Fan Resistor block - Brand new - PN 17401373177 - $10 shipped

    Brand new Garagistic clutch pedal bushings - $10 shipped

    Working TRE fuel pump- not kit, just pump - $40 shipped

    This unit:

    ICV bracket - $4

    Leather E-brake handle - 7/10 condition - $15 shipped
    Plastic E brake handle + boot set - $10 shipped

    Rear popout windows - no lock brackets - $100 + shipping

    Lachsillber popout window rear air outlet PN 51131922271 & 51131922272 - $30 shipped pair

    Radiator Aux fan temp switch housing connector (3 pin) - $3

    Henna mirrors - pair - bought from CubbyChowder but never used - $50 shipped

    Lachsillber mirrors - passenger side glass cracked - $30 shipped

    Transmission skid plate - $30

    Late model driveshaft harmonic balancer - free + shipping

    Driver side late model taillight bulb housing - one broken other in good shape - $20 shipped for both

    US Ellipsoids - usual pitting - includes bulb pigtails (converted mine to Euro so not needed) - $120 shipped

    Fender roller - bought off ebay and used once - $40 shipped

    Pair of 10mm spacers - one has broken off hubcentric ring - $8 shipped firm (cost to ship only)

    US ellipsoid low beams - smoked and resealed - $ask

    Half of High beam crosshairs - does not include matching half to make complete - someone could make the other half - $8 shipped

    Coupe silver trim - nearly complete set - picked up or you pay for special shipping - FREE FREE FREE FREE

    (3) door handles - $5 each obo

    E30 tool tray - Free + shipping

    Late model charcoal canister with powdercoated bracket (silver vein) - $5 + shipping

    Evap purge valve - $5 (above)

    (2) M20 afm for parts - one missing cover - works but needs TLC - $20 shipped ea

    Rear shock bellow/covers - Free + shipping

    Also, I have a 1988 325ix coupe I am parting out. See pics in prior posts! I probably have some other parts so feel free to ask and I'll message you back.

    Thanks and best regards,


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  • badwella
    Originally posted by wodcutr View Post
    Are the strut mounts any good? Mine are cracking big time!
    They look to be okay from what I can see but I will take them out and get some pics. Planning on taking parts off and getting individual pics as well as some prices.

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  • wodcutr
    Are the strut mounts any good? Mine are cracking big time!

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  • J102
    baby bump

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  • badwella

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  • badwella
    Updated my parts for sale. Will be updating as I go through boxes of parts that I don't need.

    Check post #1 for current list.

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  • badwella
    z3 rack and r134a expansion valve sold!

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  • badwella
    Bububump -

    pics added of other stuff i want gone!!

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  • fight4life28
    Still got the z3 rack? Pm if youstill Do

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  • badwella
    Originally posted by rcsoundn1 View Post
    Is the M 5spd emblem for sale? If so pm me that and the booster seal price shipped to 30012 GA
    Unfortunately no, the M emblem is gone. The booster seal is still available though.

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  • badwella
    Originally posted by brett_duenas View Post
    Lemme get those free-fiddy grilles. PM me your paypal
    ha! I''ll get them boxed up and get a shipping quote from USPS tomorrow. PM'ing you.

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  • rcsoundn1
    Is the M 5spd emblem for sale? If so pm me that and the booster seal price shipped to 30012 GA

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