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    Make a trip to Miami!
    Looking for a 3.46 or lower LSD. Lets make a deal.
    LSx e36TI coming soon
    Originally posted by s0urce
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      Also interested in paint brand. How long does it last, any members who've gotten there car painted by this guy have feedback in how the paints lasted threw out the months, I would rather keep my stock paint with rock chips then paint that has no shine in 2 years...

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        Sorry if this has been asked before.....but....

        a.) how can you offer such a cheap price? (of course I assume prep is limited - that's understandable)

        More importantly....

        b.) for those of us out of the area, what advice do you have to get a good paint job on a budget (besides doing all the prep) - I mean, where do you look for deals? How to find them? What brands to trust? I've always been told that hotrod guys don't pay much for paint - yet have show cars? Is it as simple as going to the bad side of town? Do tell!
        Originally posted by Matt-B
        hey does anyone know anyone who gets upset and makes electronics?


          @jessestacks hey bud.. would the cost be the same of o have a diff colored hood and flat colored bumpers? The paint on my car is in decent shape but i assume color matching is a pain.

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            I got a buddy who lives up in San Jose and I wouldn't mind staying up there for a week in order to get my car repainted, would you need all the prep work done before or would you do that?


              sunroof gasket

              Make sure you tape it before Jesse paints it,


                i just got my e30 a week ago. doing the maintenance (timing belt, water pump, o2 sensor for smog, brakes)

                posted so i can come back


                  In for southeast paint! Is this ever going to happen though?

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                  My Feedback Thread


                    Need A paint job? NO BS 800 FLAT

                    Originally posted by JesseStacks View Post
                    @VadGTI dude!! bring that to me, it makes me sad on the inside to see a M3 suffer :(

                    as far as the body work at most a few hundred but i could bundle it all up, for the sake of saving a M3 :)


                    Here @SCC Customs and Collision i have had my fair share of satin or flat finishes, the KEY is budget and who is exactly is painting. a good painter for the most part will usually produce good results but when you introduce a variable like a specialty finish, you cant go with a run of the mil painter who specializes in production-style base/clear applications. you have to find someone who knows what YOUR expectations are.

                    the next key is your budget, which in turn is another limit, chances are if you are spending less then 2k on a satin finish its going to be a single stage and you will get a result that is reminiscent of the kind of finish you see on military vehicles (tanks, Hummers)

                    if you are spending in the 2k+ range chances are its a two stage with a regular base and the specialty "satin" clear.

                    both options can look great however results will vary.

                    which gets us to your statement "I've noticed a LOT of variability in end results. Some appear to have a nice sheen with the matte finish, others appear dull without any depth"

                    this is a result of the single stage vs two/three stage methods AND the actual application methods used.

                    in short every shop/painter will have different results for different reasons.

                    in theory the two stage SHOULD have more depth but from our experience it has alot to do with color choice too.

                    But at the end yes we i do have experience, in both applications.

                    Jesse, please make your way to LA so I can get my 190E 16's done ;)
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                      Jesse, if you ever come down to Florida, I will definitely get my car painted by you.


                        Originally posted by spoolinspoon View Post
                        In for southeast paint! Is this ever going to happen though?

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                        It does not look so.


                          Dear R3v, sorry i have been gone this last month i have been away from my day to day ventures.

                          but i still got love for my e30 homies.

                          if anyone follows us on instagram or facebook you will know why ive been a busy bee.

                          time to answer questions.

                          @KIRIEIW i am a PPG only shop with the exception of House Of Kolor but thats usually for our "hot rod" clients.

                          PPG states that the paint i use is rated at 7-10 years with proper care (wash-wax) however it just depends on a whole bunch of factors, those being; maintenance, previous repairs, abuse, climate, chemical reactions, and many more but those are just a few.

                          @george graves , i can only speak for myself and my shop. i dont offer a "cheap" price but rather a inexpensive alternative to retail prices.

                          my price point is very precise, and competitive, dont think i do jobs at this price all the time, infact there are only a few jobs a month in this price range.

                          im just like everyone else i can and do charge retail but R3v tends to get the better half of me sometimes =]

                          my cost is low because i give people options, and try to make the best of each individual car/budget. for example i make color-sanding, extensive prep, and jabs options.

                          going to "the bad side of town" will probably get you shot before you get a amazing deal. but then again who knows.

                          as far as what products to use or how to get the best "bang for your buck" i am sorry but there isnt a step-by-step guide i can give you that applies to everyone.

                          paint in California alone varies from county to county, where i am PPG is king but out in Utah (other business ventures of mine) DU-PONT is the best.

                          as far as doing your own prep work, its not for everyone.

                          i have had a handful of R3v member's show up with "prep" done and boy was it a huge mistake. it tripled my amount of work and killed the possibility of staying under a grand.

                          i will be back online more to post some pics, non-e30s but hey its somthing and i will try to answer more questions when i have more time.

                          @guardodoc very true sir!!! i wont lie.


                            Jesse - What is the Facebook address?


                              Originally posted by amcink View Post
                              Jesse - What is the Facebook address?


                                Thinking of making the trip to drop off my ride.

                                How long will the whole process take? A week?