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    Went to the Fb page looking to refer a friend looking for some paint work. Whoever was online was... interesting. Convo below. Underlined is me.

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    Automotive Body Shop
    Hey I was wondering if you are the same guy from r3vlimited.

    R3V ? I haven't heard that name in meany years.

    Jesse Stacks?

    1. The add on r3v is from 2011 and no longer honored as it was only a sale.
    2. This is not "JesseStacks" I am an employee who manages his bodyshop. Located in Dublin Ca.
    3. We can't paint a e30 for less then $2500 outside only. And only of our boss says it's ok for us to do it.

    Cool, good day. **shoulda left it alone but I felt guy was a little dismissive.
    Also unrelated but as recent as 2014 Jesse himself said the deal was still active. I know its two years later but the least you can do is research and get your facts right.

    Sir, Dublin collision has nothing to do with that add.

    Also I never mentioned a deal, I was just seeing if it was the same person because I liked his work and was wanting to refer them to him. So way to respond assuming I was looking for the deal when nothing I mentioned alluded to that.

    Sir we get 4-5 emails regarding that thread a month
    We simply put facts forwards

    You sir made an assumption and that probably cost your shop a couple thousand as I was looking for someone dependable to refer to for some friends paint projects. No worries I'll be sure to give the shop and detail to Jesse(your boss) how helpful you were. Good day

    tl;dr Wanted to see if he was still in business cause it seemed he was decent and in the community so it made sense to refer business to him. His employee proceeded to be... well interesting.
    Originally posted by csermonet47
    Vlad, you are handling this quite unprofessionally.

    Also, you are a cock with tacky taste.

    That is all.


      I was told they couldn't even touch the paint for less than $1500. But the person I talked to did acknowledge the fact that the thread was up here on the forums and said that the prices have changed.

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