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new posts's UPGRADED M20 Adjustable Camshaft Sprocket

    For those of you that have heard of our gears in the past, we have upgraded our product line. Our new adjustable camshaft sprockets come with the same ROUGH design as the old one however now come in a gold color with all 12.9 forged hardware. The color change is the biggest NOTICEABLE improvement over our previous gears however that is not all that has changed. We have also upgraded all the hardware to 12.9 forged bolts as well as re-designed the BACK of the gear to make it slightly stronger then previous versions.

    Priced at just $95 US, this is a steal. These will go quick so get your order IN!

    E30 M20 Adjustable Cam Gear from R&M Racing

    All in all, we have an EVEN better product to offer the e30 community. Our previous product already was very good, tried and tested with no issues. We look forward to supplying you all with more parts to come!

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I dont think I could begin to describe how good these new gears look. You can decide for yourself. Thanks for looking!!! :) Quality Products at great prices!

    E30 M20 Adjustable Cam Gear

    Guaranteed 200HP?

    Very pretty, and even though I don't need one, thanks for making a new E30 product.


    Closing SOON!

    Luke AT germanaudiospecialties DOT com or text 425-761-6450, or for quickest answers, call me at the shop 360-669-0398

    Thanks for 10 years of fun!


      Very nice, good looking for sure. But why do I need an adjustable cam gear on a 168HP (excuse me, 200HP due to my MarkD chip) M20?
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      Do I LOOK like I need a psychological evaluation???


        i would like to know more about this as well



          Thanks for the interest in our product!

          As requested, I will post the advantages of having Our adjustable cam gear.

          -Lighter Weight then stock means less rotating mass frees up small amount of horsepower (we arent talking much power freed up, but its worth mentioning)
          -The ability to Adjust your cam timing allows you to change when the valves open or close depending on the crank position. Basically you can either advance or retard cam timing very easily which you CANNOT do with a standard gear. Doing this cam MOVE your power curve around to match your driving style. In highly tuned situations (turbo, stroker, etc etc) this added ability to adjust your cam timing can help you FURTHER dial in your motor for PEAK performance.
          -If you have had work done on your head (had it surfaced) your head will no longer be the same height as it once was from the block, and WITHOUT an adjustable cam gear you wont ever be able to achieve a stock valve timing. In these cases, an adjustable cam gear is PERFECT because you can restore factory tuning, or even play with your timing further to your desired settings.
          -Last but definitely not least, this piece is DEFINITELY not sore on the eyes.

          Any other questions, post them up!

          Thanks again for your interest!
 Quality Products at great prices!

          E30 M20 Adjustable Cam Gear


            And its great for those massively built stroker motors...

            Ummmmm yeah... I guess thats just me then.

            DAMN IM SOOOO BROKE!!!


              I have all the parts minus machine work and rockers for a 3.1something L m20 stroker. I'll probably be picking one of these up here soon, just concentrating on my M52 swap into the E30 now though. M20 is for my gumby-time-stretched 2002 projoect.


                Damn. 12.9 grade hardware?! I think that thing is over engineered. Awesome product, already have one on my car. Wish it was the upgraded version though haha.

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                  Originally posted by funcrew View Post
                  Very nice, good looking for sure. But why do I need an adjustable cam gear on a 168HP (excuse me, 200HP due to my MarkD chip) M20?
                  these obviously aren't for stock M20s..

                  I need one, $95 is a fantastic price too.
                  Build thread



                    okay, I splurged and bought one.. just need to figure out how to trigger a cam sensor with it. maybe an old modified rotor mount.
                    Build thread



                      This First needs a bump. Second this is a great buy if you have a modded m20. Its not for the people who what to just keep there shit stock. I am very happy with our new upgrade.


                        Bump. Great deal... Will definitely need one in the near future when I build my stroker
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                            Oooo pretty.

                            So what's the difference in adjusting your timing via standalone vs. adjusting your timing with a cam sprocket?

                            I realize one's electronically based and one's physical - just haven't read up on it much. Is it basically moving that window around from one side (electronic) or the other (physical)?


                              Ignition timing != cam timing. These are two completely separate parameters.
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