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What happened to forcedfirebird/WOT tech?

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    What happened to forcedfirebird/WOT tech?

    about 1.5years ago I ordered a block rebuild from John at WOT tech (forcedfirebird here on the forum) after hearing and reading only good things about him and his shop.
    Due to covid etc I was expecting delays so I wasn't worried initially.
    We are now at a point where everything is fully paid from my side, incl shipping from his shop in Florida to CA, but I haven't heard anything from him for about 2 months.
    I've reached out via email, here on the forum and called the shop, but haven't heard a word. Since about half a year the engine is supposedly done and 'shipping any day now'.

    Does anyone know what's going on? I see he hasn't been online here for over a month now.

    I talked to him today on the phone after a couple of failed attempts to get in touch with him. I paid for a 731 Euro head June 2020 and finally got an email from Paypal saying a shipping label was created July 2nd. The package tracking hasn't had any updates and when I called John he said that he dropped it off and will follow up with the Post Office to see what's going on. He said he has been short staffed and is just getting caught up. I'm hoping to get my head soon.
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      He just emailed me the other day. It took a few weeks to get a response. Basically he's slammed at the shop and has no help right now. He said he is almost caught up though so hopefully things are turning around for him.

      Try sending him another email, or maybe we can lure him in with a ForcedFirebird
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