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S50/E30 Body Wiring, OEM or Standalone ECU?

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    S50/E30 Body Wiring, OEM or Standalone ECU?

    Hello everyone this is my first and most definitely not my last post on here. I am in the process of an S50/6sp out of a 95 m3 into my 84 318i. My e30 is a complete roller and I am currently finishing up the suspension and 5 lug swap. I am getting close to the point of dropping in the s50, I am currently trying to wrap my head around the wiring side of things. If my e30 roller had existing wiring it would be fairly straightforward as many guides exist on that topic. But as I previously stated the car is a completely stripped roller. My build will be for track/drift purposes so I'm trying to keep wiring to the minimum. I am at the point where I am looking into purchasing an OEM fuse box and body harness and retrofitting it, this seems like the best option if I want to retain OEM functionality. My question is should I continue on that route or is there an aftermarket standalone ECU and wiring that would simplify installation and help me get to the point of running my engine with the least amount of bottlenecks. I will appreciate any tips or advice on this subject, Thanks so much. Btw I am using a silver label dme currently. I was planning on buying a EWS delete chip. My brakes will custom with chase bays BBE, I want as much manual control over the car as possible, as it will be for track use.

    If I was in your straights, I would try to keep the fuse box, body harness and battery wiring from the M3, and strip everything unneeded out of it.

    Since you have an early shell, and it is going to be a track car, going through the pain of installing an E30 harness is going to be a lot of work for little gain.

    Run the E36 dash, wire up the brake lights, and you should be good. The E36 body harness will keep the DME happy, and
    if you need power for a shift light or something, you can pull it off that. Likewise for wipers, and headlights if you use those. Flash- to- pass can be nice, some days...

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