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E30 s50! It has begun!!!

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    Originally posted by Janderson View Post
    I agree, and that's why I went with a Porsche 944 booster, all you have to do is shorten and tap the end of the pushrod, and it fits perfectly.

    Also, if you can avoid it and know and understand wiring, or know someone who does, don't go with an adapter. Wire the harness directly in, makes for a much cleaner install.
    Thanks for the advice. I believe the ix booster might have more boost than the porsche 944 booster. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who does wiring so I already ordered the akg adapter yesterday. Now I just need all the other parts.... Thanks I appreciate it though. How did you swap turn out and what are some performance parts you felt the most. Also, what kind of cars can I expect my s50e30 to hang with? Thanks again

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