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c101 and x20 wire diagram (e30 M50 adapter)

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    c101 and x20 wire diagram (e30 M50 adapter)

    where do you guys get your wire diagrams!!!

    I need to check my wiring for my adapter since I heard that addissimos chart is wrong.

    I'm looking for the wiring digrams for the c101 connector for e30, I'm 99.99% sure it's for the 88-89 one.

    I also need the diagram for the m50 plug. I would need all from 92-95, since I don't know which year motor it came off of.

    or just need to know what is wrong on Addissimos chart.

    I do not have an e30 bentley, but do have an e36 one. I looked in the bentley for the plug wires but couldn't find it, only the data link connector and ecu and all.

    If you have the files and can't post them PLEASE e-mail me at

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    Mike Fritz

    Someone should just post them here and turn it into a sticky.
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      I put a disclaimer saying it worked for me... cuz it did. Sorry it doesnt work for others.

      Maybe they should post the modifications they have made to it, the year and model of their car, vanos or non-vanos, e34 harness or e36 harness.


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        thanks man,

        I used your chart and it doesn't seem wrong but I can't get the car running and I just want to make sure that the plug is right.

        anyone have the m50 one just to make sure

        Mike Fritz


          I dont really think the diagram is wrong, it all depends on which year car you have and so on. I dont know why people keep these things to themselves, its not like its privledged information. It seems most people to have done an m50 swap know someone who has done it and get lots of help from them. I just don't see how this issue is so clouded. I've searched everything from ETK, ETM, all data, mitchell, online resources, bentley, haynes, and bmw manuals and I get confrimation that this plug exists, but no where does it say what it does (although I know what it does) and what the pins are. Its like bmw made it a big secret for some reason.

          I know the above chart for the m20 was printed by bmw and its the same chart I used to get my motronic swap running. But the m50 one is non existant.
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            Originally posted by EtaSport
            But the m50 one is non existant.


            I have been going off recycled information. Kudos to whoever figured out what goes where for the m50 plug.

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              what is your setup looking like? What engine, which harness etc?

              Doing something M50 related? ->
              On Myspace? ->
              BF2142 SN = BillyGoose


                it is just an M50 VANOS motor with maroon 413 ecu (checked it and it's fine) also 325i harness, havent confirmed yet if it is from a 93 or 94-95 (I don't know if there different)

                I wish I had the money and had been able to get that M52 from you. :(

                Mike Fritz


                  i do believe the adapter to be right as long as your pin chart is for the 88-89 m20.

                  let me dodble check this real quick,

                  on the m20 side pin 11 the white/green wire is NOT used

                  and for the m50 side,

                  there are 8 wires not used,

                  colors are,


                  all those are not hooked up and everything else is following addissimos chart,

                  are any of those black or brown wires supposed to be grounded, I'm going to check and see where they go to see if they should be grounded.


                  Mike Fritz


                    acctually it looks like the brown/black wire gets used, its for oil level i have it hooked up to pin 2 on the m50 side,

                    would that cause my car to not start????

                    which makes me think of another question, what wires HAVE to be hooked u inorder to make the car start,
                    starter,fuel, ignition, alternator, any others???

                    Mike Fritz



                      i just realized it looks like i have an e34 plug and NOT e36.

                      the guy said it was off of a non-vanos e36 but i will double check.

                      Mike Fritz


                        you never know mike considering you bought an e34 oil pan from him, e34 oil pump, and e34 pickup tube. Maybe he got the plug from an e34 too. Dont know how much different it is from an e36, Maybe you need to adapt it to the e36 harness if it really is an e34.
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                          addissimos chart seems right for the m50 side, but my m50 plug is different (not a huge problem since i can match pins) as well as my body side is different from that chart.

                          I need the chart for the e30 1989.

                          Mike Fritz


                            this is what I have for my e30's body side

                            1 blue
                            2 blue/black
                            3 -----
                            4 brown/violet
                            5 black/brown
                            6 green/yellow
                            7 green
                            8 yellow/white
                            9 black
                            10 green/violet
                            11 white/blue
                            12 brown/black
                            13 red/violet
                            14 blue/yellow
                            15 black/green
                            16 white black
                            17 ------
                            18 black/yellow
                            19 ------
                            20 red/yellow

                            Mike Fritz


                              Originally posted by The Fast One!
                              this is what I have for my e30's body side

                              20 red/yellow
                              you are giving us conflicting information.

                              you request wiring information for an 89 e30......but......the info you gave is for a 90+ airbag car.

                              go buy an ETM (electronic troubleshooting manual) off ebay. it has all the e30 / e34 / e36 wiring diagrams in pdf format. then make your own chart.

                              then, if something doesnt work, you will understand how the system works and will be able to figure it out.

                              cheers, jason