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Haphazard 24v probs

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    Haphazard 24v probs

    We’ll I’m working down in Puerto Rico, since I’m commuting from Rincon to Mayaguez I had to buy a car. Instead of doing the smart thing and buying something jap that would run and would be easy to work on, I found a 85 e30 in San Juan with an unknown 24v in it. The previous owner knew little about it other than when his m40/42 let go, his mechanic talked him into 24v swapping it.

    Clasificados “Puerto Rican Craigslist” led me to go look at it. I flew over to San Juan and he picked me up at the airport in the car. Bought it. Half a day process at 3 different government offices and I’m on my way home. Runs fine all the way, I get back and forth to work for 4 days and on my first day off it dies and wouldn’t restart. I don’t recall that I ever had a battery light as I’m sure I would’ve investigated. Now I recall the previous owner mentioning a discharge or draw that they couldn’t figure out... I tested the battery. 11.09 V when the car was running and 12.3 or so with it running. Immediately defaulted to alternator and threw and alternator in it. No fix, same problem... I’m going to look at the wiring today but any suggestions would be awesome. Are there any fuses or relays associated with this circuit? I did read that the battery idiot light must work as its essential to excite the alternator field circuit and it does indeed work...

    Also a little help identifying the block would be awesome. The little flat portion of casting under the manifold near the dip stick has some series of 2.5 25 something of that nature so I was thinking just a standard m50 but it has the s52 style oil filter housing and later valve cover. Which I’m aware are swappable but you never know...


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    I'm going to say it's an M50b25 with an M52 valve cover.

    The M52 was the only one with the oddball plastic-cap oil filter housing.
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    Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30