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m52 from m30

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    m52 from m30

    hey twin cam ppl i'm doing an m52 hopefully you guys can post some advice
    because idk wtf i'm doing but just reading up for now.

    i started with an m30, turboed it, camed it, it slipped a clutchmaster 6 puck ceramic so i'm over it now.
    Made good power but the intake manifold really limited the top end and was never happy.

    new motor is from 98 528i.

    this is a build thread and also to get me more motivated

    Things i know i need.

    m50 manifold / throttle body. can a m52 throttle body work too?

    e34 oil pan and pick up.

    aluminum thermostat housing

    Booster i need e21 320i one correct?

    i'm going to get a metal m50 valve cover too and also an m50 oil filter housing because i've read the m52 one leaks at some plugs in the back.

    any advice welcomed.

    That tranny in the back is for an m30 and looking into options and driveshaft situations.


      went to the junkyard and got these.

      2020-03-17_02-05-34 by jet jones, on Flickr


        got an m50 manifold / throttle, and NV rods. 70 bux from pickyourpart.

        now i'm looking for e34 oil pan & pick up.
        looking for s52 cams aswell
        Going to pull e36 mounts later since there is allot out there right now.

        also what tranny is the best to use or even options.

        M50 manfoild by jet jones, on Flickr

        NV ROSDS by jet jones, on Flickr


          For the transmission, the straight forward option would be to use the ZF320 as found in the e36 328/M3 (can also be sourced from 24v e34, e39, or e46 depending on engine/year). The driveshaft would also be manual e36 328 or m3 (w/ 4 bolt rear flange) paired to the e30's center support bearing. Shift linkage will be e36 328/m3 as well, but some people elect to go with the "DTM" style to eliminate the carrier setup altogether. Clutch Kit, Starter, Flywheel are best to be e36 m3 (or upgraded parts for turbo application), but you can also use a machined m20 flywheel with the m20 clutch kit and matching starter (but not ideal). Since the ZF 5- speed is not an overdrive trans, diff ratio is usually between 2.93-3.46 depending on preference.

          The G260 from the m20 can work with rest of the standard e30 drivetrain parts, but it has its own compromises, such as the rotated angle on the 24v motor (requires modified trans brace), and covers the rear most oil pan bolts, meaning the transmission would have to be separated from the engine to remove the pan. The 6-speeds from the e46 M3 (getrag) or late e46 330 (ZF) can be used as well, but are generally more expensive and not as plug-n-play in terms of shift linkage, mounts, and driveshaft options

          For brake boosters there are several options. You can modify the stock e30 booster to work, or use a modified e21 or 944 booster. The other options include the 325ix booster and even an e90 booster.

          Hopefully this helps!


            ya that helps allot thanks for the post.
            so does it have to be a complete DS from a e36 328/m3 with an e30 CSB? no e36 325 DS?

            the shift linkage can i use the rear e30 holder that bolts to the body or does that have to be from an e36 too?


              You need a big giubo DS. They came in e36m3 and 328i, same as the ZF gearbox. You can also use an e30m3 DS (good luck), or a dual mass eta DS as they both are also big giubo.

              You can use the e30 shifter linkage, or e36, and yes, you have to use the e30 rear mount for it.
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                As for the booster,u can just relocate it...running it 2 years without problems . Its simpler and cost free..


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                    ^ that's true, but will take some work to fit in e30.
                    Plus after getting a cam and basically a new valve train that gave me just acouple hundred up in the revrang.
                    Little return, I'm over the m30.
                    Wasn't for me. Still have allot of m30 love though.
                    Tipping point for me was slipping the clutch masters, they didn't make anything stronger and there's no twin disc for these.

                    Picked this up from offerup. ZF320.
                    Looks alittle bit longer.
                    Now i need a clutch/flywheel.

                    Do i use the e30 brake slave or?

                    Also is there anything i should do to the tranny?
                    Shifts super easy into gears VS the m30 trans where its super clicky/notchy.

                    Zf vs Getrayg by jet jones, on Flickr
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                      Change the detents while it's out. Clutch slave will need to be from an e36, gotta keep the e30 master, obviously.
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                        ^do u have a link on where i can buy and how to install? never touched any detents before.


                          Transaction feedback: Here, here and here. Thanks :D


                            Transaction feedback: Here, here and here. Thanks :D


                              got the oil pan.
                              it came with a e34 though.

                              Could i use the engine harness for it or does it have to be from a m52 car? or at least vanos right?
                              i'm just going to get my megsquirt to work with it for now. any advice on what harness is best?

                              NV by jet jones, on Flickr