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s52 swap sedan coolant leak and no fan power mystery

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    s52 swap sedan coolant leak and no fan power mystery

    I recently purchased my old car (found here and have been in the process of giving it another life. I have a few mechanical issues that need to be sorted before it is road worthy again.

    1) Once my car gets up to operating temp (basically a vertical temp. needle, right on the half mark) it begins to leak coolant under the intake manifold closest to the firewall. I cannot locate the leak. The motor runs great.

    2) In addition, once the car gets up to operating temp the fan use to kick on... it no longer turns on. I checked the wires at the fan and have no power. Connected to the no power issue is that my window control switch (the circuit breaker) in the center console does not have power so none of my windows work. If I run a hot wire to the control switch/circuit breaker then the windows all work.

    I have not been regularly wrenching on cars for a couple years so I feel mechanically overwhelmed at the moment. I am looking for advice on where to start with my water leak and fan pwr issue.

    View my build thread.

    You could put UV dye in the coolant to locate the leak easier. I bet if you took the intake off, you would find a bad hose.

    When it comes to wiring, I always look at diagrams to trace back to the source. I don't know enough about the window circuit to give good advice.


      These are the coolant hoses under there,

      as mentioned above you should pull the intake which is pretty easy on this motor to see better. Hose #6 is an odd one and has my bet. Dig through the p.o.'s build thread to see how he ran the hoses under there and how he mated the e36 wiring up to the e30 chassis. It's nice that you can refer to that.

      Below is post 106 of his thread where 328ijunkie responds about a wiring short the OP has had for a bit.
      Good luck

      06-16-2013, 05:26 AM
      Power for windows/blower is *indirectly wired through engine harness which I assume you don't have installed yet :P

      Email me and I'll see if I can't help with the short


        Thanks for the tips. I am taking the car into a mechanic tomorrow to sort out the coolant leak. I do not have good access to a shop for mechanicals currently. Update to follow.
        View my build thread.


          Nothing wrong with that, when I find myself over my head or just to busy it's nice to know the local independent shop can knock it out and you are supporting a small local business. Seems daunting at first, but start with getting underneath the car cleaning everything to learn about it. You might consider making a thread in the members rides to document the fixes the shop helps with as well as keeping track of your maintenance since many members know that sled already and can chime in if needed. I would think you would receive a warm welcome for purchasing a r3v'd ride in addition to a lot more traffic over there.
          Bleed the brakes, check the pads and take it to your local race track.