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M54 wiring harness

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    M54 wiring harness

    Trying to sort a non-E30 M54 conversion and looking fir the longest engine harness to allow the most flexible location of the ECU and relays

    I believe the 3-series cars have the shorter harness, which houses the ECU in the driver's side strut tower area.
    And I believe the e39 530i and e53 X5 have the longer harnesses, which houses the ECU in the passenger's side strut tower area.
    Pretty sure they all use the same MS43 ECU.
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      There was a switch from MS43 to MS45 in mid- 2002 (August? realoem will tell you).

      If you cross the line, precat oxygen sensors, maf, coils and maybe some other connectors changed.

      I haven't measured an X5 harness, but guessing, it's going to be longest. E39 IS quite a bit longer than E46, tho.


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        E39 imo is your best bet
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