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DIY S54 Swap Harness Wiring / Bench Flash Harness / MK60 ABS

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    DIY S54 Swap Harness Wiring / Bench Flash Harness / MK60 ABS

    S54 Swap Wiring Harness for your E30 with Round C101 Plug. Early Models will need to convert to this plug or create their main swap plug using 3rd party connectors such as TE's robust line. Click here and here for info. Tips and tools for wiring your C101!
    Forum members and providers of services come and go in this life. I want to immortalize it here and on Github, and anywhere else people would like to host it. I sold my S54 E30 swap last year, but I want to help others.
    Me and anyone else that would like to contribute. Shout out to DesertBMW, FredK, R3VM3UP, Andrew325is, Terraphantm, Paffy, Tap, Nando
    Your time. Priceless. Your dignity.
    How to Flash your ECU for YOUR build:
    For Now Please reference my DME Coding Tutorial and Github for coding/tuning and swap XDFs to further customize for your needs. The Wiki is also your friend. I recommend getting familiar with flashing your MSS54/HP (ECU) as builds can vary greatly. IE did you wire in more such as the gear position sensor? If so you do not need to code it out. Are you using the PWM fan but no K-Line converter such as GPetersons? Then you need to follow disable the fallback 60% fan speed as seen here. IF YOU NEED HELP, OR DO NOT WANT TO CODE YOUR ECU, I WILL DO IT RELATIVELY CHEAPLY. PM Me for info.

    Reference Files (IN PROGRESS) (COMPLETE)
    Labeled with E46 or Z3M connectors/splices so that you may follow the factory wiring charts (ETMs) when needed for troubleshooting.Note: Downloadable PDF HERE

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    Want to bench flash your ECU for yourself and others? Make one cheap!

    NOTE: You will want a BMW INPA/Ediabas K+DCAN USB to OBDII cable
    ODB Plug Part Number: BMW Part #61138380698
    ODB Pins Part Number: BMW Part #61138366598
    X60001 Plug Part Numbers, inner core and outer shell: 12521744624, 12527502456
    X60001 Pins Part Number: 2-929939-1
    The above parts are linked to the MFG website. Most likely search for the same parts

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        MK60 Wiring and Parts list courtesy of Andrew of BMW M3 Motorsport. He can make you a custom steering shaft for the steering wheel position sensor if you desire the full capability of your ABS!