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Is my CV shaft ok?

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    Is my CV shaft ok?

    So today I replaced the boots on my Front CV shafts. overall, wasn't easy, but hey, got it done.
    After installing my boots, I found that the inner joint was making some noise, it sounded almost like air being forced through the grease, there was also some resistance in moving the joint in and out.
    Is this something I should be worried about? Is it the result of bad grease packing practices, or is this just something that happens with new grease?


    I think the air sound is normal when repacking, at least, I remember hearing it in the past. As long as you used all of the grease and packed it in there good, I think you're fine.

    As we all know, when those boots rip, grease gets EVERYWHERE! So as soon as you start driving, that grease is going to end up covering every tiny space inside the joint anyway.
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