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325ix engine removal technique

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    Originally posted by boleman42 View Post
    Thought I'd post an update. I couldn't get it out the top - just seemed be stuck. So, I removed the subframe and dropped the motor to the ground, then lifted the car up and slid the motor and trans out to the side.

    I rebuilt another motor and installed it from the bottom. It took a couple of different tactics. i ended up bolting the motor to the sub frame and then lifting it all into place.

    I started the car this week and it seems to run well. I haven't driven it yet because I haven't put all of the front end back together - this weekend.
    Yep, what you're saying and Nando said makes a lot of sense. Get the car up and go from below.


      You need a *lot* of angle to pull it out with the transmission attached. I had my rear tires on ramps and nearly had the front end on the ground. also a load leveler, and like 4 guys to help me muscle things around, lol. Hard to believe that was 16 years ago now.

      In the end, it makes more sense to remove and replace from below - after all, that's how the car was designed to be put together. At the time, all I had was a gravel driveway, and no way to do it from below, so I made it work the way I could. Whenever I finally get a new engine finished, I'll definitely be doing it from the bottom, not the top!
      Build thread



        Just pulled my engine the other day and it was super easy doing the following
        1. unbolt front drive shaft at guibo and remove guibo
        2. support engine with hoist, transmission with floor jack
        3. unbolt lower bell housing bolts
        4. unbolt and drop front subframe
        5. place 1 tire or dolly under oil pan and 1 under bell housing
        6. lower engine/transmission
        7. unbolt upper bell housing bolts
        8. disconnect transmission from engine, and push transmission toward rear of the car
        9. pull engine out through the engine bay