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Considering an IX - would love some pointers

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    Considering an IX - would love some pointers

    I’m considering an E30 IX. I have owned a few E30s but never an IX.

    I live down by Denver, so I watch that Craigslist. Looks like most of them at this point have between 150k and 250k miles. Is this too many miles now? As in, how long do these cars, IX’s specifically, really last?

    Are spare parts a problem? What parts are the biggest issue to locate?

    What should I pay for a top-tier IX these days? I’m looking for a manual transmission, and preferably 4 doors, or maybe a Touring if one is out there. Could use some info on realistic 2019 pricing.

    Thank you!

    Hi there,

    iX specific spare parts are getting more expensive, such as control arms, the front drive shaft guibo, front axles, etc. Be sure to test the viscus coupling in the transfer case by performing the jack test. I haven't had any problems finding parts using this form, ebay, or pelican parts.

    Saying what's too many miles is difficult to answer since vehicle condition is a function of other variables including rust, maintenance history, etc. My iX has a bunch of miles, but its spent the last 20 years in the Nevada desert, I'm current on preventative maintenance, and I've fixed a bunch of stuff.

    I think most of us keep these cars because they have personality and we enjoy working on them. I personally wouldn't buy one as a daily driver, to haul my stuff and kids around, etc.

    I can't answer your question on current values.

    I hope this helps.


      Very helpful, thank you.

      Are there any NLA parts that are a problem to get?


        Parts are indeed getting scarce (but I still have a cache if you need some). Many parts are going NLA for the E30 in general and perhaps a bit worse for the 325iX. It is still doable though. I would look for one that has been maintained well more than a "time warp" car with low miles that has been sitting. The miles will not hurt it as long as it has the TLC ongoing. Look at the front drive shaft splines - they wallow out if not lubed on a schedule. Prepare to maintain front axles as they are getting scarce and should be serviced and not left to "fail and replace." Rear subframe bushings are critical to avoid rear driveshaft u-joint failure - jack the rear subframe up slightly on both sides to make sure the bushing rubber is still adhering to the inner aluminum part of the bushing.


          Thank you. Where do you look for rust on these cars? Behind the flares?


            It really depends on how much money you want to sink into an old BMW. I've had to get extremely creative when it comes to replacing parts. Inner ball joints haven't been available for a while now so you have to buy an entire control arm (which themselves are getting hard to find). They go for 300-400 ea. Viscous couplings are scarce, I cut my apart and replaced the sealing rings and silicone fluid, welded it and put it back in because I couldn't find a good used one. Rear driveshafts almost always need to have the rear ujoint replaced and the shaft balanced (a shop in AZ can do this). The list goes on and on. With that being said I still love to drive both of my iX's daily but it is a true labor of love to keep these cars on the road.