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iX Vibration Problems

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    iX Vibration Problems


    I have a severe vibration around 50 mph which seems consistent with others on the form with rear driveshaft u-joint problems. After removing the driveshaft from the car, I don't see or feel any problems with the u-joint; it doesn't make any clicking sounds, and I can't feel any play when rotating it. Is it possible for a u-joint to be bad without showing any obvious signs? For what it's worth, the two driveshaft pieces came apart when I took it out to work on the subframe. Unfortunately they weren't marked, but I figured it wouldn't matter much since the section with the u-joint is so short, so I just put them back together.

    During this restoration I've replaced:

    Control arms/ball joints
    Control arm bushings
    Tie rods
    4 wheel bearings
    Brake rotors
    subframe bushings
    trailing arm bushings
    Rear Sway bar bushings and links
    Rear Diff

    The transfer case mount appears intact but feels quite soft when stabbing it with a screwdriver. Could this be the culprit? Please say no.

    Can you guys think of anything else that might be the cause?

    It was the driveshaft.


      Did you replace the u joint?
      AWD > RWD


        replaced the whole diveshaft with a rebuilt unit.