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Overhauling of my E30 320i

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    Overhauling of my E30 320i

    Hello forum, since I like build threads myself, I thought you would like to see how mine was giving new life.

    Actually, I can't take credit for much of the first part of work, since the car was build by my friend, for himself, or atleast that was the plan. But as you all may know, things change, and he and I ended up, making a deal, so this E30 became mine.

    Here is some information of the car:

    1988 E30 320i - fitted originally with a M20B20, 129hp.
    original colour lachssilber metallic, and was resprayed in the same color.

    It was imported from Germany to Denmark in 2007, and my buddy bought it from a guy in Denmark back in 2011

    Here is to stat with a before picture of it:

    At the before pictures, I didn't seem like it was in THAT bad condition, and really - it wasnt, but it has got some rust here and there, and needed the paint refreshed.

    The mechanical had alot of minor problems too, and needed a overhaul.

    So - car bought - let the work begin!

    Lets focus on the chassis and paintjob first:

    Since the plan was, it being a daily for my mate - he decided to respray it in the original colour.

    A new valance was fitted, since you all know they rust away and get bended very well.

    Ready to go to the paint shop getting the last things done, before painting.

    *Sniff sniff* - whats that? .. Yes - fresh paint! ..

    Time to go home, gourgeos!

    One of my absolut favorite details - the mirror mounting is painted black - goes PERFECT with the rest of the black details of the car.

    Here - a result of the car finished after painting - touring side skirts, IS front lip - illuminated head and fog light - 7,5x16 ET25 front and 9x16 ET15 Azev A on the rear.

    More to come!
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    Looks great! I like that the mirror mounts are trim black also
    - Josh
    1990 325is

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      Originally posted by Cletonius View Post
      Looks great! I like that the mirror mounts are trim black also
      Thank you mate, glad you like it - I'm going to upload some pictures of the suspenstion and engine swaps later on! :)


        Suspension & brakes

        So - here goes suspention and brakes!

        As it is a 320i, the rear brakes originally was drum brakes, these were refitted with the 325i discs, so let the cenvesion begin!

        The trailing arms was painted in black, the front and rear subframe was powdercoated in silver (the front subframe wasn't mounted at this point though - it was mounted on way later at the M50 swap).
        The brake calibers is painted in blue.

        Enjoy the pictures:

        Suspension, subframe etc.:

        Every rubber bushing, was replaced - every single one - mainly to strongflex, but in the front some powerflex was used, though.

        BURN! :D

        Looks nice, freashly powder coated subframe - maby the differential should have been more clean - oh well!


        Calibers - needed a kind hand.

        Some new brake lines - safty first!

        Renewed calibers - new pistions, rubber, everything, and even added reinforceds brake hoses, while we were at it, stainless steel hoses.

        Rear brakes - went for Zimmerman brakes.

        Front brakes
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          Engine swap 1

          As mentioned earlier, my buddy was building this car for himself, and he wanted to maintain the good old M20, but with a twist.

          Information of the engine:

          M20B25 head and intake
          M50B25 fuel injectors
          M30B35 Throttle (drilled up)
          VEMS ECU
          Ford Mondeo V6 Coil
          Wideband Oxy sensor
          Hartge exhaust manifold

          Mondeo V6 coil, VEMS ECU, Wideband

          M30B35 Throttle - drilled even bigger.

          Stock size vs new size M30B35 throttle.

          Assemble, wireing madness.

          There is a bunch of soldering involved, when building your own VEMS.

          Begging to look great - coil is mounted on a custom made plate.

          This engine was really doing it great - and both my buddy and I gained alot of knowledge, when programming your own ECU.
          Unfortnuatly I didn't wanted thos engine mounted, when I bought the car - only for injurance reasons - and the fact that I wouldn't be able to pass a security check in Demark, since the car was an 320i originally - So the engine was sold from the car - and mounted with a stock M20B20 - 129hp.