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$100 for slightly worn sport seats a good deal?

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    $100 for slightly worn sport seats a good deal?

    Like the title says, I have a chance to pick up some Natur vinyl sport seats for $100. I haven't seen them yet, but I've been told there is some wear on the drivers side bolsters. Other than that, they're in good condition. I'm just wondering if it's worth spending the $100 when I'll probably have to spend the money for new upholstery ($350-500 IIRC) in the future. I currently have mint Natur vinyl basic seats, and it would be nice to have matching front and rear Natur vinyl seats.

    So, my questions are:

    1. Is $100 a good price for questionable condition sports seats?

    2. I've been told it's next to impossible to sell basic seats, no matter the condition. Maybe I can recoup some of money. Is this true?

    3. Or should I just save my money and put it towards a pair of Black Cloth Corbeau GTS II's even though they might look silly with my Natur vinyl interior?

    I can't decide what to do. It sounds like a good deal to me, but I'm very new to E30's. After I factor in the cost of re-upholstery it doesn't look like that great of a deal. What do you think? If you have any pictures to back up your opinion, please post. Thanks in advance.

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    it depends if there are any broken components or not, and the condition of the padding. I wouldn't pay $100 for the seats I have now - the frames are broken in a couple places, in addition to worn leather (although it's not the worst I've ever seen, only 2 small tears).

    But I wouldn't mind paying $100 for seats with good frames/padding if I was going to recover them anyway - I mean, you can't really expect much for $100 seats.
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      id go for it, especially if its local (i.e no shipping costs). When i went from regular seats to sports 3 years ago, it was like getting a new car, totally changed my driving experience. Actually took a few weeks to get used to them after sitting in the stock lay-z-boys for 5 years.

      Also, ended up selling my not-so-mint non-sport seats (front and back) to someone here on R3V for $100 picked up to replace torn to shit cloth seats in a 318i beater, so anything is possible. Hell, the seat belt recepticales get $25 a side on ebay.
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        i payed a buck for my sport seats... only 1 little 3 inch tear on the driver side.
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          I paid $100 for my sport seats, they look good, shocks are out, and one leans. If it wasn't for the lean it would have been a good deal :???:

          Oh and it took a week to sell my non sport for $90 after negotiating.


            as long as the frame isnt broken on the L bracket, and the gears dont slip, it is a good deal with any condition material
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