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    Originally posted by TrentW View Post
    Offering for sale this pair of uber rare black Ortho Blaupunkt head rests. Great condition.



    Hi, is still available? How much is the cost?


      alright, let's play what-did-kronus-get-himself-into

      Julien (bless his heart) picked these up for me from Double 02 Salvage. I'm thinking they're first-gen Recaro Idealseat. giant lower bolsters, big-knob back adjustment. Picked them up for the foam, as under the tatters it's actually almost completely intact.

      couple interesting things - these have tilt levers, and one of them has a weird headrest. anyone know what's up with that?

      they'll be getting a recover and then I guess I'll have to find something cool to put them in.

      next game: what-horrible-disease-did-kronus-get-from-touching-these
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        ^ This is a fun game

        Wish I knew something about that headrest. Looks pretty weird.
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          The right headrest looks like a butt in thong
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            you're not wrong
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              I’m willing to bet a Recaro from the mk2 VWs will have a matching headrest to the non-butt thong looking one. And with Juliens help those will look amazing.
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                I have a spare non-thong-butt headrest. A whole spare pair of seats actually. Going to be a project...
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                  Oh dear. You poor man. I mean, congrats!
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                      Do any of you guys with recaro expert or specialist dual purpose the car? or even Speed owners.

                      Looking for a set myself, trying to stay period correct but i am concerned about shoulder and leg/thigh support on the track. Obviously bucket seats are the way to go, but the pole positions, speeds and expert/specialist will cost me more/less the same locally in Germany.


                        Hey Guys, just joined this forum because of this Recaro thread. I do not own an E30 but i just picked up a 1989 Nissan Silvia and it had these cool old Recaro seats in it. I was hoping to find more info about the seat and if replacement fabric is available for them. I believe the model is LSB and the fabric says "Renoma Paris" on the back rest. Does anyone have info on these? Thanks in advance.