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Help disabling auto-arm on United Auto Security BMWRSX3 alarm

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    Help disabling auto-arm on United Auto Security BMWRSX3 alarm

    I purchased a BMWRSX3 alarm directly from United Auto Security and recently had it installed into my '88 325 at a independent BMW mechanic shop.

    I'm trying to figure out how to disable the automatic arming. It arms on its own several seconds after the doors are closed. It does this even if I'm inside driving the car so I have to disarm it every time I finish driving and want to exit the car. Needless to say, it is very inconvenient and annoying so I would much rather turn this off if possible.

    I've looked in the PDF manual on the CD but couldn't find any reference to the auto arming.

    I'm hoping someone here has experience with UAS and maybe contacted them about this. I've left a voicemail with their tech support yesterday and sent an email today so if I get a response I'll post the results.

    I have the same alarm and yes, when you enter the vehicle and start the car, it automatically locks the doors but it doesn't "arm" itself. When you turn off the vehicle, it unlocks the doors. If your alarm is armed while you're driving, and your doors don't automatically unlock when you turn off the car, something wasn't wired correctly.

    Hope you figure it out because this is a great alarm when it's working as it should.
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      Any solution to this? How do you disable the auto arm system?

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