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FAQ: Difference between Components and Coaxials

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    I had a set of Quart 6.5 components in the cabrio. They were almost 300.00 (don't remember the model) I did not like them, too bright and not enough mid bass. I have a set of infinity 6.5 perfect in the Land Cruiser that I got for 208.00 picked up from an ebay seller I had won an auction for my KDC X 889 (which I love) and when I asked if he had the infinitys he did and gave me his cost on. (he makes his money on shipping and gave it up since I was there and had already "paid" shipping on the Kenwood)

    Luke, the Kenwood amp that was giving me issues in the cab's trunk is now under the LC's driver's seat and made it the 2200 miles without issue. The Tsunami which is in back and was under a world of Sh*t got hot and went into protection 2x and 2x the front right channel got "hazy" until I made a path for air to circulate back there.

    [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


      I feel the same way about the MB's, Not enough midbass. My cure was to add 6.5" MB PVI in the door, know were that lil cubby whole thing is, I don't use it for anything so I made it into a box. Fills in the bass very nice, so nice in fact I got rid of the 79 pounds in my trunk. Bye bye heavy woofers!
      sigpic 5.3 LSA build in progress :devil:


        I may be wrong but when you see speakers that say they are 4 or 5 way speakers does that mean that they have 4 or 5 individually controlled tweeters/midrange/woofer?