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E30 fuel guage

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    E30 fuel guage

    I am trying to diagnosis why my fuel guage is pegged to full. On start up it pegs to full. Disconnecting both fuel senders the fuel guage does not change. I have tested the resistance and I think the where both good, but disconnecting both of the senders throws me for a loop. According to the ETM, it shows the 65ohms should show full, and if there is no reistance it should show empty? Am I missing something?

    I have tightened the nut on the back of the odometer and stripped and reflowed all solder joints for the c2 connector, I am just thinking I cannot have a fuel gauge work correctly.

    Car is a 91 325ix.

    I'd look for a short to ground on one of the sensor wires. Somewhere it rubs on the tank? Or along the body. I don't recall what the gauge is suspse to show at full. If it's zero ohms, or very low, that would be the ticket.
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      Yeah George is right, if one of the fuel tank wires is shorted to ground, the gauge will read full hot.

      If the gauge or the main circuit board inside the cluster has failed, it will show full hot.

      There is no nut behind the odometer, only one behind the fuel gauge and one behind the temp gauge.
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