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MTech-2 Convertible Jack

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    MTech-2 Convertible Jack

    It was just pointed out to me that the MT2 convertible has a special jack in the trunk. I took out the jacks in my cars and photographed them side-by-side.

    The far left is the E30 MT2 vert jack
    Next is the standard E30 Vert Jack
    Next is the standard E30 coupe Jack
    Far right is the E30 M3 jack

    Curious whether the MT1 or MT2 coupe had special jacks?

    Here is another view. Basically looks like a standard vert jack was carved out with a plate welded on, but it also has a swivel foot on it.

    I just learned the same info you shared in your forsale thread. I cant believe BMW would go threw the trouble to make a special jack for a couple what, 10 thousand cars? In for the answer to your question BTW.
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      Is the jack with the swivel specific to Mtech II verts or to all Mtech IIs?
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        The shape and spacing of the MT2 jack allows it to clear the side skirt without putting a crease in it. Try it, you'll see what I mean. I had the regular jack in my car, got a flat one day and found out I had an issue.

        I also think BMW phased out the other jacks and now only offers the MT2 jack. I recently ordered two of them.