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Just did the Bilstein/H&R thing

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    Just did the Bilstein/H&R thing

    Just replaced my old worn stock shocks and springs with Bilstein Sport and H&R cabrio springs. So far, it seems fantastic. Not too low or too harsh. I’m also running stock 14” basket weaves, so that is helping the ride out as well.

    A few things/pointers that I ran into while doing the install:

    1. Removing the strut insert collar was hard. I found a comment here on some thread about putting the collar in a vice and turning the strut around that. That did the trick!

    2. Top nut on front struts was easy. I just used vice grips on the strut shaft (over electrical tape) on the old struts (they are junk). For tightening I used vice grips on a deep socket and slid the Allen key through the top. Was super easy.

    3. Wanted to use a ball joint separator on the outer control arm joint, but wouldn’t fit. Banging a heavy hammer on the “sleeve” area did.

    4. I used a spring compressor on the rears to get them out. I didn’t lower the diff or exhaust and was pretty easy. Though there is only room for one compressor there. Wasn’t sketchy.

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    Good info - I am about to swap over my shocks/mounts/spring seats.

    Also green verts for the win!
    E30 320i vert
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      To remove the gland nut you can also bolt your strut to a wheel and have someone stand on the wheel.
      Deck Lid and soft top Shocks on hand

      Seat shocks on hand for immediate shipment
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        Looks great, you should try an make it out to our monthly meet in foster city
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          Nice! Didn’t know about it. Will do!

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            For the gland nut a pipe wrench is the best solution.

            At your own peril, you can zip tie (only with good ties or metal ones) the spring in to a compressed position to reinstall if needed. That avoids the whole "how do I get a compressor in there thing." Even so, keep it away from your face.


              ive never had a problem getting rear springs out of any e30 vert included.
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