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My DIY Camera Mount for a Roll Bar in an E30

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    My DIY Camera Mount for a Roll Bar in an E30

    So...I just installed a Kirk 4 Point into my E30...and figured I should get a camera mount set up so I can film the DE's and Autocross.

    However, I was wary about spending a ton of money on one. So...after reading up a bit on the interwebs...I went off to Home Depot and Target.

    Targus Table Top Tripod - $8
    1 big #5 Pipe Clamp - $2

    1st...the tripod...

    And the Clamp...

    And the Camera...

    Camera On Tripod...

    So...I uncrew the legs off the tripod...

    And mount the clamp to the tripod head...

    Test fit in the car...

    Dis-assemble and paint the clamp...the re-assemble...

    Reinstall in car...

    So...about $10 and a half our of work.

    I am happy. The test video came out pretty clear with minimal vibrations. I will have to get a video posted at some point.

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      Wow, good job. Super cheap and works, the R3V motto. :D


        What type of clamp is that?
        where can i get one...
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        Transaction feedback here please!!


          Very good idea
          Originally posted by audiquattrot
          bimmers b4 b*tches....remember that.
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            That turned out great. Super clean, man.


              Night of the living thread

              Sorry to resurrect this dead thread, but I wanted to say thanks to Tabasco for the component list for my build. I know this is off topic, but I had been considering something like this to get my left and right computer speakers off my desk. I had the Logitech x540 speakers for about 2 years before the volume control crapped out on me. I decided to upgrade to the z906 speaker set, but it doesn't come with mounting brackets for the speakers. I found this thread and decided to give it a go. I bought the tripods at Kmart for $8/ea+tax, then the clamps and a 6x6x1/8" orange rubber square from Lowe's for $3.40+tax. I also used small washers instead of using the tripod plate as a washer. All together, I spent about $20. I had considered using the GorillaPod tripod, but buying two was going to be too expensive and I wasn't sure they would hold my speakers long-term. So far, this solution is holding great and almost blends in with my desk.

              Also, to Luis325 or anyone who wants to know which clamp I used, it is this:
              Lowe's Clamp

              Thanks again, Tabasco


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                Awesome! Well done!
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