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DIY: How to Flock your Dashboard (repair cracks & refinish)

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    DIY: How to Flock your Dashboard (repair cracks & refinish)

    This video will walk you through the general process of fixing your cracked dash and refinishing it in a flocked Rally style finish. This process is quite involved but can be completed in an evening with 2 people.

    We did this on a car which will be used for track use in other words, we do not care as much about how pretty or how long it lasts...please do your own research on whether or not this process could suit your needs for a daily or a car/dash that is exposed to a lot of sun.

    Tools needed:
    - 80 & 320 Grit Sandpaper
    - Dremel with grinding attachment (Cone shaped preferably)
    - Flexible body filler / Padded Dash Filler
    - Flocking Kit which includes application glue/primer and flocking fibers

    Good Luck!
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