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Fuel injector filter removal and installation

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    Fuel injector filter removal and installation


    I have read and watched YouTube on how to clean the fuel injectors. I just want to pass some tips along to any of you that are thinking about cleaning the injectors. To remove the filter, put a screw in like suggested in previous posts. Put the screw in a vice and rock the injector back and forth a few times, the filter will pop out quickly. I removed all six filters in less than a minute. To put in the new filter, put the filter in the injector, push it gently against a hard surface until you hear a click, use a rubber mallet to tap the filter all the way in. This is a 30 sec operation for each filter.

    Hope these tips help. BTW, the engine with the cleaned injectors runs so smoothly. Everyone should clean their injectors if they have not done so.

    Just a heads up that sometimes the filter screen and plastic cage will come out (using the method above) but the brass ring around the filter will remain stuck in the injector. I tried using a tap to remove the brass ring but it did not work. In the end I secured the injector in a vise and used a flat head screw driver to pry out the ring. IF YOU DO THIS BE CAREFUL TO NOT GOUGE THE INSIDE OF THE INJECTOR.

    I was not thinking and ended up putting small gouges on the inside of a few of the injectors. I haven't installed the new filters yet and I'm debating if I'm going to attempt to smooth out the gouges with a file. I think I'm just going to install the new filter and cross my fingers that I haven't compromised the function of the injectors. Worst case scenario I'll just buy new ones.