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    Originally posted by 2002tiiguy View Post
    your required fuel is too high, redo the required fuel calculator
    I did that several times and each time it was the same. However, doing that several times and then looking at the stock tune that came with it let me understand it much better. I gave up on the VE calculator and VE tune analyze and with my new found understanding, started editing the table by hand.

    Much better results.

    13.8-14.4 at idle, although it doesn't vary very much. It's just a little different each idling episode. RPMs are very stable. I'm seeing ~13.4 at WOT. I'm seeing some funky numbers at different driving conditions, but I'm chalking that up to it being difficult to edit numbers after trying to remember the specific driving condition and specific table. I'm going to enlist a buddy to drive the car while I do some finer tuning from the passenger seat. I'm starting to see what parts of the table are responsible for what kind of driving conditions. I feel like I'm getting the hang of this!

    Also, I do think my O2 sensor is fubar. When I started the car, it took 5+ minutes of idling plus a driving episode before it read accurately. Each subsequent turn off and drive, the time before it stopped displaying 7.6/7.7 shortened. So I'm thinking that it was definitely clogged up. I'm also thinking that as I drive around and it stops being run super rich, maybe all that carbon will get burnt off. If it's still an issue in a week, I'll replace it.

    Fingers crossed that the next time I start the car everything will still work the same. Haha.
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      what values did you put in the required fuel calculator?


        Instead of starting out in the idle section at 90 and ranging to 120, it starts out at 38 and ranges to 85. Obviously I didn't worry or touch about anything over 100kpa because I'm still n/a.

        Now I'm sure I have to reset all the cold start enrichments since I set them all to 0, lol.
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        AWD > RWD


          Well I got it to run pretty nicely and it doesn't die on most repeated hot starts. It ran well on the autox over the weekend (refrigerator bowl @ summit) but I need to richen it up a bit. It definitely felt like it was running out of fuel. It's interesting to hear how the engine changes tones based on the AFR.

          I sent it back to Derek to check the CEL issue and add bluetooth so I wouldn't have to worry about the cable anymore. Using a tablet will be nice. Hopefully I get it back before the next refrigerator bowl.
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