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LC-2 and Tunerstudio off by .4

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    LC-2 and Tunerstudio off by .4

    Hey, so I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue but my LC-2 gauge and is consistently off from what tuner studio is reading. I've read up on it and people with the LC-1 separate the heater ground from the sensor ground to resolve this issue, but my LC-2 only has one ground. Where is the heater ground on the LC-2. The single ground I have is connected to both grounds in the original wiring harness. Any ideas?

    If you calibrate your oxygen sensor, you can change the input to custom. Generally it is 0-5 volts output and mine was off by a few points also. I just adjusted it to be a custom sensor between 0 - 4.7 volts and that adjusted it to be spot on. The gauge should be accurate so use that as the guide to try to match. I'm running the AEM UEGO, but its the same principle.
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