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    WAR chip idle...

    Just in case someone else has experienced issues with WAR chip idles...

    I have a '89 325i with a WAR chip and MAF (3 inch) conversion. I've worked through literally over 100 tunes trying to nail down a respectable idle and the closest I've come to is a small bounce between 900-1050.

    The odd thing is my initial start-up idle is a rock-solid 900 rpm, which jumps to the above shortly after driving. ALL the physical engine issues are good to go (TPS checks out, and set correctly ICV spins and is fine, no vacuum leaks) and with previous tunes I've been able to get it to idle steadily but only at about 1100rpm. The chip simply does not respond to the "Idle speed" tab, so my present "good" tune is a modification of the tune Miller sent me. The map conditions that I've altered to find a "better" idle include the idle fuel, air temp fuel, and RPM limit, however I'd love to have a solid 800 or 900rpm idle.


    What're your build specs? How does the stock tune idle?

    On cold start your e30 should idle higher than 900 if the ICV is still installed/working.

    What's the reason you want 900 rpm idle speed? Do your mods warrant such a speed?


      I largely have a stock e30, just a K&N attached to the MAF, with a generic
      header running through a high flow cat and a Borla exhaust. No other engine
      mods. Low miles, EXTREMELY clean and well-maintained 325i.

      As to the tune, there is no "stock" tune for a War Chip MAF. The included
      tunes from the Miller program do not idle at all, at start the engine
      stumbles and doesn't fuel correctly. Anything but the supplied tune from
      Miller will die within a few seconds of start. The Miller tune by itself
      will idle at about 1200 rpm.

      This is strictly a programming/tune issue from all that I've discovered. My
      900rpm number is just a placeholder for any idle that is steady from
      800-900rpm, which I haven't been able to replicate.


        Yes but you can put the stock chip back in and see how that works. It's a pretty quick job and would be one of the first things I would check.

        There is no reason your stock M20 needs to idle any higher than ~700.

        You can load a stock bin into the war chip with slight modification by the way. You can idle a miller MAF with a stock tune. There is very little difference in the idle fueling maps and there is absolutely no AFM map adjustment.

        If your car dies within a few seconds of starting with the standard maps then you have issues elsewhere-- such as vacuum leaks, ICV error, malfunctioning MAF, bad injectors, horribly bad o2, or something else.
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          I edited the file and uploaded a 100% stock 325i tune that you can upload to your war chip. I didn't notice you mention injectors, so I assume you're running the stockers

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            Hey, thank you! I'll try that tune later tonight.


              So I wasn't able to upload that tune, WAR chip tunes are .mpc files...

              I did however try plugging in the stock chip with my set-up, and it idles just fine. Fueling elsewhere is horrible, but the idle is great.

              Trying to figure out what that means...


                You can load the bin into the war program, just select "all file types" in the file type filter drop down.

                If idle is fine that means the tunes you are trying to use are either not for your setup or are just not tuned correctly.