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    EMU Classic Standalone

    Hello everyone! I'm in the middle of getting my 325iX "upgraded". Basically, I'm having the RHD ITB's installed, a Bimmerheads HD Rockers & 274 cam, S52 injectors, and using the EMU Classic ECU.

    I'm having the work done by a local shop that I'm very happy with so far - their name is Throttleworks and they typically work with Haltec for ECU, but have also had experience tuning with MS, Motec, and even did one or two projects with EMU.

    So here's the deal right now . . . they have everything installed, but the ECU isn't getting fuel to the injectors. The injectors have been separately tested - all good. EMU was contacted a couple days ago, and aren't responding to them. Anyone have any experience tuning the EMU Classic for the M20? I'll admit, I'm a novice on understanding how all this works, so any help would be great. It's killing me to keep waiting for my car, lol.

    Here's a couple shots of the engine bay as it sits now:
    IMG_8809 by Rob Sower, on Flickr
    IMG_8788 by Rob Sower, on Flickr
    IMG_8815 by Rob Sower, on Flickr

    Hey there! I'm sorry that I don't have any answers for your current question, as I tuned my ITBs on MSPNP2. But I am really curious if you would show me some close ups on how you mounted your vacuum block, ICV and diagnostic port?
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      Rama (RHD) runs EMU stuff and is an M20 guy, I'd try to PM him or find some other way to contact him.

      Please document everything you can about this because there isn't a ton of info out there about EMUs and it would be really nice to have to reference.
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