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Rubber Exhaust Hangers, whats the easy way?

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    Rubber Exhaust Hangers, whats the easy way?

    I'm mounting my exhaust, well trying to, and I can't figure out how to stretch these hangers enough to fit over both ends with that "bump" between both halves. Do the guru's have any secrets on how to do this easily?

    The car is a 1989 325i. So im working with the m20 motor and exhaust system (Though it's a stromung muffler, and supersprint mid section)

    im about to weld the damn muffler to the car, I tried boiling the hangers, prybarS galore, and tearing my knuckles to shreds.



      Hot water helps but sometimes you have to bend the tabs on the bracket, slide the o ring in place then straighten the tabs
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        If they are the factory style, mount the upper hanger before the muffler is in the way. Use lube and a small pry bar and the rubber rings go right in. Install muffler and bolt the lower section hanger to the upper hanger.

        The subframe hanger can be installed to the pipes off the car then bolted in place.

        Good luck.


          I don't know which way worked but I tried both suggestions and eventually they got on. I also left them out in the sun for about 4 hours before I even attempted again, and it seemed to make things more pliable than the boiling method. I don't care anymore they are on, and im going to have a beer. Thank you guys.


            OK so I did this last night. I wanted to share my method, which was relatively easy once I figured it out.

            I bought an OEM style mount, which has the woven fabric in it or whatever. It feels pretty heavy duty, so just beware if you're not using a heavy duty mount this may not work for you and it may damage your hanger if you do it improperly.

            First, jack up rear of car and use proper jackstands to prevent getting crushed to death.

            Then, loosen the upper exhaust hanger mount bracket using 13mm wrench/socket. It should move up and down in place once you loosen it.

            The hanger should be shaped like a circle with a line of rubber through the middle. Slide the top part onto the top mount of the bracket and push it as far forward towards the front of the car as you can.

            Using a short (6-8in, too long and you'll hit an axle or other part of the car and won't be able to get it on) phillips screwdriver (relatively heavy duty, it may bend if it's too thin), slide it up between the bottom of the lower bracket (which is welded to the exhaust) and the rubber mount. Your goal is to put the tip of the phillips screwdriver into the bottom hole of the hanger.

            Using your knee (or a partner) push up on the muffler portion to help raise it slightly and to remove most of the weight, while simultaneously pushing up on the screwdriver, using the leverage of the screwdriver to help pull the rubber hanger down, and the muffler up. Be careful not to trap any of your fingers. You may need to wiggle it vigorously.

            Once the hanger is on, center it properly and tighten the upper hanger bolt using a 13mm wrench from the bottom. It should be easily accessible.

            Using this method, I was able to get my exhaust hanger on within 3-5 minutes after fighting with it for 20 mins. If you are having trouble, try to put the top portion of the rubber mount more towards the center of the upper hanger bracket before trying it, and it should pop right into place.
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